Thursday, November 17, 2011

WILD FLAG on "Sound Opinions" @ WBEZ.ORG

Here's a very cool show. Dubbed the only rock and roll talk show, "Sound Opinions," based in Chicago is hosted by rock critics and features exclusive interviews and live performances. Wild Flag was recently a guest and this is what they had to say about the Pacific Northwest group:

Excerpt rom "Sound Opinions" -
"...Wild Flag break through this malaise with an infectious style and swagger that's hard to deny. Our resident music critic Jim DeRogatis gave their debut album four out of four stars calling it "not only one of the year’s strongest albums, but one of the strongest and most promising debuts in recent memory." The band builds up from '70s guitar rock like Television and adds elements of Motown girl groups, math rock and garage punk to build memorable pop songs..."

Click HERE or go to to read the rest of the article and watch more of their live set including "Romance,"Black Tiles" and the unreleased song "Nothing."