Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Cristina Bautista
Cristina Bautista

Cristina Bautista is 24. She's from Seattle. She writes her own songs and recently released an EP. Unlike other singers of her age singing lush pop songs, Bautista's songs evoke world-weary emotions delivered with confident, mature vocals. Listen to "Utopia," "Heartless" and "The Cyrkle (Champion.)" Soul-finding and overcoming hardships are central themes to Gold Parts, a six-track EP released last September from Local 638 Records. The EP gives us deceptively addictive songs that's more rock than pop and features Bautista going from suffering to power-rock vocals in a single breath. Gold Parts has been described as "...proudly confessional, Cristina's voice is sweet and openly hopeful before a backdrop of driving beats, gritty guitars and the occasional flood of ornate strings. At once familiar and refreshing, the songs are an invitation to find the glowing voltage beneath your own feet and grow old enough to be young."

You can purchase her EP Gold Parts right HERE!

The Cyrcle (Champion) by Cristina Bautista