Friday, October 14, 2011


Tegan & Sara photo by Lindsay Byrnes
Tegan and Sara
photo by Lindsay Byrnes

Pre-orders begin today for Tegan and Sara’s new DVD/CD, Get Along, which drops November 15th on Warner Bros. Records. Included in the package are two mini-documentaries and a live 70-minute studio concert, with each offering fans a rare and intimate look into the lives of this celebrated Canadian duo. The first film called “States” follows them on their American tour using live footage and interviews as they recap their early careers as struggling musicians. “India,” the second film, follows the twin sisters during their first ever tour of the country. Also included is a 15-track live cd of the stripped-down concert held before 75 fans, friends and family over two days at The Warehouse Studios in Vancouver, BC.

Check out the teaser trailer for their release and click HERE for more info or to pre-order your copy today.
You can also listen to streaming tracks from the live album including "I Won't Be Left," "Back in Your Head," and "Not With You."

Tegan and Sara 'Get Along' Official Trailer

Tegan and Sara - "I Won't Be Left (Live)' from Get Along