Saturday, September 10, 2011


So and So's Amie Miriello
So & So's Amie Miriello performs at The Viper Room
photos by Picksysticks

With Los Angeles in the middle of a heat wave, So & So didn't help matters when they played The Viper Room last Wednesday as they sent the mercury rising inside a packed venue. Maybe you can blame front-woman Amie Miriello whose sultry and yearning vocals melted over Raisin Higgins' warm guitars while Brandon Rogers kept it simmering with his sparkling synths like a slow burning campfire.

So & So
So & So are Amie Miriello, Brandon Rogers, Raisin Higgins, Bana Haffar and Adam Hanson.
photo by picksysticks

Last time I saw So & So, they played on the acoustic stage of Hollywood's Hotel Cafe. Their blue-collar-esque songs embodies classic Americana which is rich with folk balladry and world-weary rock heartbreak that, when delivered in an acoustic setting such as The Hotel Cafe, can be powerful in its melodic simplicity.

So when I got a chance to see them perform at The Viper Room, I was a little worried whether or not that sound would be lost on this heavy rock-and-roll atmosphere the famed Sunset Strip is known for. It seemed as though I was worried for nothing. Showing they can still shine bright without the flashiness, So & So, comprised of Miriello, Rogers, Higgins, Bana Haffar (bass) and Adam Hanson (drums), performed a confident set of wholesome melodies and warm arrangements, playing new songs along with tunes from their self-title EP.

Brandon Rogers of So & SoAmie Miriello of So & So
Brandon Rogers and Amie Miriello of So & So.
photos by picksysticks

So & So proves they can go from heavy wild fire to slow candle burn and back. This night they plugged in and played loud but were able to keep their soft harmonies which wasn't lost against this hard rock setting. Building up a seductive mood, Miriello's steamy vocals resonated emotionally on songs like "Heartbeat Slow" and "Monkey See." But it was their captivating ballad "Broke," that made the night memorable and a lot more intimate. At one point, I'd almost forgot I was watching So & So in The Viper Room.

Since their release of their self-titled EP in July, So & So has been generating buzz and rave critical reviews. Recently, it's just been announced that they'll be headlining the 6th Annual Oktoberfest in New Bedford, MA on October 1st. And with the year coming to a close, there's no signs of So & So slowing down. Instead, they seem to be picking up steam with an announced debut full-length album to be released at the top of 2012.

Amie Miriello and Bana Haffar of So & So
Amie Miriello of So & SoAmie Miriello of So & So
So & So at The Viper Room.
photos by picksysticks

"Broke" by So & So.