Monday, September 26, 2011

READY SET GO @ 3rd Street Promenade

Ready Set Go
Ready Set Go are Jamie (guitar), Graham (drums), Sydney (vocals) and Noah (bass).
photo by picksysticks

This weekend, I biked down to my usual hangout in Santa Monica to catch some buskers performing on Third Street Promenade. Apparently, musicians sleep in late because it was almost noon and there were no singers in sight. But just when I was about to leave, I noticed a bunch of barely-there teens setting up their equipment.

Ready Set Go, a foursome, made up of siblings Sydney, Jamie, Noah and Graham wrap their playful, bouncy arrangements of indie-pop tunes with catchy melodies, evoking the soaring sounds of Hey Monday. But unlike the pre-packaged pre-teen bands who sound over-rocked or look over-punked, Ready Set Go aren't pretending to be something they're not. They may be young, but there is no denying their musical talents. They write their own songs that showcase Sydney's confident and seasoned vocals that sound wise beyond her years. She leads this wholesome-pop band that shines without the flashiness. The infectious "IPOD," or the ballad-y "3000 miles" and the synth-popper "Stop Messing With My Heart" are catchy stand-outs which are sure to appeal to all ages.

Check out their YouTube channel, consisting of original songs and covers of pop hits such as Jessie J's "Price Tag" and Eminem and Rihanna's "Love The Way You Lie" which has amassed over 2 million views. Along with playing venues all over Los Angeles, Ready Set Go has already toured the country performing on major stages such as FishFest 2010 and playing high schools across the country for the Milk Rocks tour.
Currently, Ready Set Go are unsigned and are recording their official debut album.

"Stop Messing with My Heart" by Ready Set Go

Ready Set Go covers Jessie J's "Price Tag"