Wednesday, September 7, 2011


My latest obsession is the Los Angeles band Tic Tic Boom. They’ve been getting rave reviews from critics and music blogs including Buzzbands. One blog even calling them “electro-pop-tacular.” They released a 5-track EP, “Reasons & Rhymes” last year and are currently they’re working on a new EP which they expect to release sometime next year. Tonight, Tic Tic Boom plays during the Downtown Art Walk at the 5 Star Bar. And they’ve also been added to Big Black Delta’s residency show at The Satellite this Monday.

Below is their video for “All That Matters” which is off their 2008 EP How To Defuse a Bomb. It’s an old video back when they had more of an indie-punk sound.

"All That Matters" by Tic Tic Boom