Canadian Alessia Cara made her highly anticipated Los Angeles debut at The Troubadour. Signed to Def Jam records based on her Soundcloud page that included covers of Lorde, The Neighbourhood, Sam Smith and Justin Bieber, this show marked Alessia's first headlining gig.


Ahead of their June 9th release of their upcoming album Wild Nights, UK's PINS have released their new single "Young Girls." Also, they just announced their U.S. summer toiur which kicks off June 13rh in New York.


Zella Day has released her debut album Kicker and she celebrated with a sold out show at LA's famed Troubadour last week.


Last Saturday, over 150 bands made their journey to downtown Pasadena to take part in Make Music Pasadena (MMP), billed as the largest free, all-day music festival on the West Coast.


Winter's new album Supreme Blue Dream is the ideal soundtrack to your summer..

Friday, September 30, 2011


We Are The In Crowd
We Are The In Crowd
photo by Tom Falcone

Before hitting stores next week (Oct. 4), We Are The In Crowd is streaming their new album Best Intentions. They're currently on tour and will hit the House of Blues in Anaheim November 5th. You can exclusively listen to their new album on MTV's Buzzworthy Blog right HERE. Below is the first single "Rumor Mill" off their new album.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Elizaveta performs at Lilith Fair 2010 in Irvine, Ca.
photo by picksysticks

Today, LA local, Elizaveta releases her self-titled EP from Universal Republic Records and her her first single "Dreamer" is iTunes' single of the week which you can download for free right HERE. We first got to witness Elizaveta's talents at last year's Lilith Fair. She's been getting really great reviews for this EP. Currently playing a couple dates in her hometown of New York City, you can catch Elizaveta when you has her EP release party at Bardot's in Hollywood on October 3rd.

"Dreamer" by Elizaveta.

Monday, September 26, 2011

READY SET GO @ 3rd Street Promenade

Ready Set Go
Ready Set Go are Jamie (guitar), Graham (drums), Sydney (vocals) and Noah (bass).
photo by picksysticks

This weekend, I biked down to my usual hangout in Santa Monica to catch some buskers performing on Third Street Promenade. Apparently, musicians sleep in late because it was almost noon and there were no singers in sight. But just when I was about to leave, I noticed a bunch of barely-there teens setting up their equipment.

Ready Set Go, a foursome, made up of siblings Sydney, Jamie, Noah and Graham wrap their playful, bouncy arrangements of indie-pop tunes with catchy melodies, evoking the soaring sounds of Hey Monday. But unlike the pre-packaged pre-teen bands who sound over-rocked or look over-punked, Ready Set Go aren't pretending to be something they're not. They may be young, but there is no denying their musical talents. They write their own songs that showcase Sydney's confident and seasoned vocals that sound wise beyond her years. She leads this wholesome-pop band that shines without the flashiness. The infectious "IPOD," or the ballad-y "3000 miles" and the synth-popper "Stop Messing With My Heart" are catchy stand-outs which are sure to appeal to all ages.

Check out their YouTube channel, consisting of original songs and covers of pop hits such as Jessie J's "Price Tag" and Eminem and Rihanna's "Love The Way You Lie" which has amassed over 2 million views. Along with playing venues all over Los Angeles, Ready Set Go has already toured the country performing on major stages such as FishFest 2010 and playing high schools across the country for the Milk Rocks tour.
Currently, Ready Set Go are unsigned and are recording their official debut album.

"Stop Messing with My Heart" by Ready Set Go

Ready Set Go covers Jessie J's "Price Tag"

Friday, September 23, 2011


"Supergirl" by Bullet and Snowfox

Here's Bullet and Snowfox's new video for "Supergirl" which you've probably heard on MTV's newest hit show, Death Valley. It was directed by Behn Fannin and the song is off their EP which came out last April. That same EP includes our favorite "Neurotic Nancy" which you can watch below. You can catch Bullet and Snowfox when they play Club Moscow at Boardners on November 2nd.

"Neurotic Nancy" by Bullet & Snowfox
directed by Jordan Levy


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Dead Sara
Dead Sara performs at The Mint in Hollywood in early March.
photo by picksysticks

Tomorrow's Viper Room show has been cancelled but don't worry. Dead Sara will still perform next Thursday (9/29) at The Viper Room, their last day of their residency. They return to Los Angeles after opening up for Bush on a handful of Northwest dates.

This high energy foursome is set to release their self-titled debut album on October 11th. We've been waiting for this release since they've been teasing us with the the stadium-rock anthm "We Are What You Say" and the slow-burning to wailing-outcry "Weatherman."

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

AMY MAY @ Third Street Promenade

Amy May
Amy May performing in the Apple Store on Third St. in 2010.
photo by picksysticks.

I love Amy May. I mean LOOOOOOOOVE Amy May. She's probably the ONLY reason I love riding my bike to Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. I've never seen her play at night so when I biked down there to grab a bite to eat, I was surprised to hear her angelic voice echoing and drifting in the night air just a block away from the restaurant. I quickly asked for my check and walked out to enjoy her show. Anyways, below is a video of her playing one of my favorite songs, "Real" off her album which you can get right HERE.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Ritzy Bryan of Joy Formidable
Joy Formidable plays The El Rey.
photos by picksysticks

Since their release of their debut album "The Big Roar" earlier this year, The Joy Formidable have since performed on some of the biggest stages such as SXSW, Reading Festival, Coachella. and most recently Lollapalooza. Last Wednesday, Joy Formidable performed at the El Rey theater and did what they do best – play loud.

Joy Formidable at The El Rey
Joy Formidable at The El Rey
Joy Formidable at The El Rey.
photos by picksysticks

This Welsh trio comprised of Ritzy Bryan, Rhydian Dafydd and Matt Thomas, attack each song like it's their last time on stage. Commanding presence, blistering guitars and energized vocals, Joy Formidable played loud against a rich kaleidoscope of colorful melodies. They set the tone early in the night at the El Rey with their opening song "A Heavy Abacus," a heavy hitting anthem song that would wet the appetite of the packed crowd including many who were seeing them for the first time. Ritzy's soft appearance quickly evaporates when she transforms herself into a high intensity and aggressive guitar thrashing banshee.

Ritzy Bryan of Joy Formidable
Ritzy Bryan of Joy FormidableRitzy Bryan of Joy Formidable
Ritzy Bryan of Joy Formidable.
photos by picksysticks

Most of the songs came from the debut album "The Big Roar" including alt-rock favorites "Cradle" and "Austere." Joy Formidable, known for their energized shows rumbled for nearly two hours as Ritzy, the wide-eyed, pixie singer holds your attention as she growls over shredding guitars. "Whirring" came towards the end of their set, a ten-minute assault on the senses that had Ritzy and Dafydd kicking stage props and banging the large gong in the center of the stage. In the end, the El Rey crowd left pleased and pleasantly surprised. This time last year, Joy Formidable played downtown's The Bootleg Theater which holds less than 200. This night, they played the El Rey theater that holds over 900. What a difference a year makes.

Setlist: El Rey- Sept. 14, 2011 - Heavy Abacus/Greyhounds in the Slips/Austere/The Greatest Light is The Greatest Shade / Cradle / Buoy / Whirring / (encore songs) The Magnifying Glass / I Don't Want to See You Like This

"Cradle" by Joy Formidable
vid by crimsonkid

"Whirring by Joy Formidable
vids by crimsonkid


Friday, September 16, 2011


Moonpools and Caterpillars pose for a family pic.
pic via Facebook

The 90’s are alive and well. Moonpools and Caterpillars, who released three (great) albums recently posted new pics of themselves and their families on their Facebook page.

"We are all healthy and happy and doing all kinds of other things. AND we still remember the chords and words(most of the time) to all the Moonpools songs! THANKS for hanging around and for all the greetings!!!! Those days were the best!!!!"

Jay Jay, Tim, Kimi and Gugut during the summer of 2010.
pic via Facebook

The pic was apparently taken when they all met up to practice for possible comeback shows. The family photo, they said was "Taken in kimi and jay's kitchen when we got together to see if we could still play our songs.....WE CAN!!!" They also revealed that they were going to play in the Phillipines for the first time since breaking up in 1998 but it got cancelled. They do still hope to play a Los Angeles show in the upcoming future. Woo-hoo. Until then, we have these vids from their last show ever at The Whiskey A Go-Go on June 6, 1998.

"6 Feet Tall"

"5 Normals" by Moonpools & Caterpillars during a performace at The Whiskey A Go-Go.

"Soon" by Moonpools and Caterpillars.

Moonpools and Caterpillars in Disney's Wish Upon A Star performing "Hear" and "Heaven."

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Summer Camp are Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey.

After seeing this video Bored4Music sent me, I wanted to learn everything there was to know about this band from across the pond - comprised of Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley. Together, they call themselves Summer Camp. Their retro-nostalgic rock have made them accidental rock stars when they released their EP last year. Now, with the help from fan's donations via Pledge Music, they have their debut album, Welcome to Condale coming out from their own label Apricot Recording Company and Moshi Moshi on October 31st in the UK. The video below, "Better Off Without You" is their first single off the record which you can download HERE. You can also pre-order the album on the site also. And ratherthan try and sum up this band's history, you can read the many articles already written on them HERE, HERE and HERE.

"Better Off Without You" by Summer Camp.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


So and So's Amie Miriello
So & So's Amie Miriello performs at The Viper Room
photos by Picksysticks

With Los Angeles in the middle of a heat wave, So & So didn't help matters when they played The Viper Room last Wednesday as they sent the mercury rising inside a packed venue. Maybe you can blame front-woman Amie Miriello whose sultry and yearning vocals melted over Raisin Higgins' warm guitars while Brandon Rogers kept it simmering with his sparkling synths like a slow burning campfire.

So & So
So & So are Amie Miriello, Brandon Rogers, Raisin Higgins, Bana Haffar and Adam Hanson.
photo by picksysticks

Last time I saw So & So, they played on the acoustic stage of Hollywood's Hotel Cafe. Their blue-collar-esque songs embodies classic Americana which is rich with folk balladry and world-weary rock heartbreak that, when delivered in an acoustic setting such as The Hotel Cafe, can be powerful in its melodic simplicity.

So when I got a chance to see them perform at The Viper Room, I was a little worried whether or not that sound would be lost on this heavy rock-and-roll atmosphere the famed Sunset Strip is known for. It seemed as though I was worried for nothing. Showing they can still shine bright without the flashiness, So & So, comprised of Miriello, Rogers, Higgins, Bana Haffar (bass) and Adam Hanson (drums), performed a confident set of wholesome melodies and warm arrangements, playing new songs along with tunes from their self-title EP.

Brandon Rogers of So & SoAmie Miriello of So & So
Brandon Rogers and Amie Miriello of So & So.
photos by picksysticks

So & So proves they can go from heavy wild fire to slow candle burn and back. This night they plugged in and played loud but were able to keep their soft harmonies which wasn't lost against this hard rock setting. Building up a seductive mood, Miriello's steamy vocals resonated emotionally on songs like "Heartbeat Slow" and "Monkey See." But it was their captivating ballad "Broke," that made the night memorable and a lot more intimate. At one point, I'd almost forgot I was watching So & So in The Viper Room.

Since their release of their self-titled EP in July, So & So has been generating buzz and rave critical reviews. Recently, it's just been announced that they'll be headlining the 6th Annual Oktoberfest in New Bedford, MA on October 1st. And with the year coming to a close, there's no signs of So & So slowing down. Instead, they seem to be picking up steam with an announced debut full-length album to be released at the top of 2012.

Amie Miriello and Bana Haffar of So & So
Amie Miriello of So & SoAmie Miriello of So & So
So & So at The Viper Room.
photos by picksysticks

"Broke" by So & So.


Joy Formidable
Joy Formidable

UK's Joy Formidable crosses the pond to play two shows in the Los Angeles area this week to unleash their heavy guitars and brit-rock melodies. Their first in Costa Mesa's Detroit Bar on Sunday and then on Wednesday, they'll play The El Rey Theater. I haven't seen them live yet but from what I've been hearing, they're a great live band. Can't wait!

****UPDATE: Check out pics and review of the show right HERE******

Joy Formidable at this year's Lollapolooza in Chicago.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Mr. DownstairsMr. Downstairs
Mr. Downstairs' Asia Whiteacre and Dani Artaud.

Oh yeah! If you're in town on September 27th you should seriously consider checking Mr. Downstairs perform at The Roxy. It's gonna be an awesome show. They'll be playing with Tyler Ward, Stamps and Tommy and The High Pilots! Plus, I'll definitely be there! So you can say hi if you spot me in the crowd. Grab your tickets right HERE.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


My latest obsession is the Los Angeles band Tic Tic Boom. They’ve been getting rave reviews from critics and music blogs including Buzzbands. One blog even calling them “electro-pop-tacular.” They released a 5-track EP, “Reasons & Rhymes” last year and are currently they’re working on a new EP which they expect to release sometime next year. Tonight, Tic Tic Boom plays during the Downtown Art Walk at the 5 Star Bar. And they’ve also been added to Big Black Delta’s residency show at The Satellite this Monday.

Below is their video for “All That Matters” which is off their 2008 EP How To Defuse a Bomb. It’s an old video back when they had more of an indie-punk sound.

"All That Matters" by Tic Tic Boom

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BAND TO WATCH: MR. DOWNSTAIRS @ Club Moscow (Boardner's)

Asia Whiteacre and Dani Artaud of Mr. Downstairs' title=
Asia Whiteacre and Dani Artaud of Mr. Downstairs' title=
Asia Whiteacre and Dani Artaud lead Mr. Downstairs during their first official show at Club Moscow at Boardners
photos by picksysticks

After Mr. Downstairs came out onstage and finished their first song, "Can You Handle It," it reminded me why I thought they were one of the best bands at Warped Tour this year. Mr. Downstairs is quickly becoming my new favorite band. Not counting their first two acoustic performances at this year's Vans Warped Tour, Mr. Downstairs billed this show at Club Moscow as their 'first(ish) show ever!' And what a coming out party it was for this five-piece band hailing from Los Angeles as people packed the venue to witness Asia Whiteacre and Dani Artaud unveil their new band and new sound.

Here's what we had to say in August about Mr. Downstairs' San Diego Warped Tour show:
"One of the best bands of the day wasn't seen on any of the seven stages but at the Vans Girls tent, a tiny booth located in front of the Main Stage. Mr. Downstairs, the brainchild of Dani Artaud and Asia Whiteacre was formed last year in Los Angeles. Artaud, formerly of widely popular Millionaires, shocked many when she announced her departure from the group to form Mr. Downstairs. When they released their first single, "Legendary" months later, it quickly topped over 40,000 views on YouTube. A complete departure from the electro-pop-dance tunes the Millionaires are famous for, Mr. Downstairs' songs echo sounds of early 60s girl groups like The Shirelles and the Shangri-Las but with a modern indie-pop twist that focuses on cascading vocal harmonies and simple feel-good melodies. With beach-cruising arrangements by Jake Johnson (guitar), Dre Smith (bass) and Chase Meyer (drums), they help create a unique sound suited for driving top down up the Pacific Coast Highway."
Asia Whiteacre and Dani Artaud front Mr. Downstairs
Asia Whiteacre and Dani Artaud front Mr. Downstairs
Asia Whiteacre and Dani Artaud front Mr. Downstairs
photo by picksysticks

As of now, no word on when their debut album will be released but they have released two songs, "Legendary" which you can purchase on iTunes HERE and "Stranger/Danger" which you can listen to on their Facebook page riiiiiight HERE.

I couldn't find any videos from this show to post (I guess the crowd was in awe of their performance to take any videos) so here's a video from their acoustic show at Vans Warped Tour in Carson, California.
Mr. Downstairs performs at Vans Warped Tour in Carson California.


Sunday, September 4, 2011


Some Hear Explosions
Some Hear Explosions performs at The Viper Room
photo by picksysticks

This post is long overdue! Prior to my much needed vacation, I was fortunate to catch Some Hear Explosions at The Viper room. Before the curtains rose at the Viper Room to reveal Some Hear Explosions, you could already sense the brewing excitement in the packed venue with Sunset Strip rocker royalty Barb Wire Dolls and The Shakers' Jodie Schell in attendance. It's been a little bit over a year now since SHE released their debut album "It's Our Time Now." Now, primed to release their sophomore effort, they return to The Viper Room to try out new songs and a new look. And literally taking their show a step further, their new look was a visual entrancing stage show, complete with light boxes that lit up to the touch that was wrapped around volcanic riffs and shout-along choruses. And with an added 20-foot catwalk, it was enticing enough to unleash lead singer Ambre Leigh from the confines of the Viper stage to prowl freely, nearly kicking Vivace blogger's camera, while lashing out her booming vocals on crowd favorites such as "It's Our Time Now" and "Give/Take." Always the party atmosphere at SHE shows, Mulhollands guitarists even joined the fun onstage, playing guitar on a couple songs.

the Mulhollands
photos by picksysticks

Also on the bill this night were power synth-pop band The Mulhollands with front-woman Sarah Jeanette's lush harmonies to make this night even more memorable. Usually solid and saturated with hot chick sultriness, The Mulhollands didn't disappoint. It was truly a great one-two punch of great L.A. bands this night. Check out more nice pics and write-up at Sugarbuzzmagazine HERE. Some Hear Explosions next plays at Club Moscow at Boardners in Hollywood on September 14th.

Bay Dariz of Some Hear ExplosionsAmbre Leigh of Some Hear Explosions

Some Hear Explosions
Some Hear Explosions
Some Hear Explosions
Some Hear Explosions are Bay Dariz, Ambre Leigh, Alex Gallner and Joe Herrera.
photos by picksysticks