Sunday, August 7, 2011


Finalists Jes Hudak, Sonyae Elise and Scotty Granger
Platinum Hit finalists Jes Hudak, Sonyae Elise and Scotty Granger

I finally caught the season finale of Bravo's Platinum Hit to watch local songwriter Sonyae Elise win this songwriting reality show. In the end the judges picked Sonyae over another local singer/songwriter Jes Hudak. As winner, Sonyae recieves the grand prize of $100,000, a publishing deal with Sony and BMI songwriters: The Writing Camp, and a record deal with RCA/Jive.

It was pretty much a Los Angeles clean sweep with the top three and final songwriters all currently residing in Los Angeles. LA Represent!! But to be honest, I thought Sonyae, the only one of twelve contestants, didn't have a chance in winning this but her strengths in coming up with a concept on top of her strong lyric writing won me over and apparently the judges. Jes, by far, the singer/songwriter who grew the most lyrically and melodically showed it in her final song, "Come Alive" but couldn't overcome the consistent Sonyae's lyrical wizardry in the powerful "My Religion."

And then there's Scotty Granger who actually wrote one of my favorite songs of the season called "Beautiful You" which he wrote about himself and his struggles of coming out and living openly as a gay man.

All in all, all the songs were powerful and it was a tough choice for judges Jewel, Kara DioGuardi and guest judge Leona Lewis. But in the end, they chose right by crowning Sonyae the winner of the first season of Platinum Hit. As for Platinun Hit's future? No word yet if Bravo will bring back the series next season. It struggled in the ratings and was moved from its original Monday night airings to Friday's kiss-of-death time-slot. Hopefully they will bring it back. I just love watching the songwriting process and how a single idea can turn into a Top-40 hit. Check out Sonyae's winning song below along with Jes and Scotty's final songs. You can purchase their songs in iTunes right HERE! You can also catch Jes Hudak this Tuesday when she performs at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood.

winning song "My Religion" by Sonyae Elise

"Come Alive" by Jes Hudak

"Beautiful You" by Scotty Granger