Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Pixikill's Jewel and Blaire Restaneo perform at The Roxy
Pixikill's Jewel and Blaire Restaneo perform at The Roxy
Pixikill's Jewel and Blaire Restaneo perform at The Roxy.
photos by picksysticks

Of the five bands playing The Roxy Saturday night, one band shined much brighter than the rest. Pixikill, a five-piece band fronted by sisters Jewel and Blaire Restaneo, confidently unleashed a pandora's box of slash and burn guitars delivered over clobbering beats in front of a packed crowd.

If they looked confident onstage, it's no surprise. Jewel and Blaire have been performing most of their lives. Between the two, they've already performed on Broadway and had roles in television, movies and commercials – all this before breaking their twenties. On the music front, the duo have already recorded a few albums, donating all their proceeds to Children's Hospitals. And it seems there's no slowing down for the pair. Their new venture is fronting Pixikill with band members Mike Kimchi (drums), Victor Trevino (bass), and Chris Norwood (lead guitar). This night, they were performing in support of their debut EP album, The Luring.

There's more to this band than lush pop songs and bubble-gum punk. That's what I expected but what they showed us was the complete opposite. From their fist-pumping frenetic first single "Chameleon" about losing your true identity for the sake of fitting in to dealing with the subject of depression in the noirish "Vampire," Pixikill gives us music with a message.

Jewel of PixikillBlaire of Pixikill

Sisters Jewel and Blaire, who write all their songs, holds your attention with dramatic flourish showing their musical range, veering from atmospheric synths to guitar-heavy arrangements while also surprising with dark, textured ballads such as "Banshee" and the aforementioned "Vampire."

Pixikill aren't the run of the mill girl-pop band. They play well beyond their years with a polished sound that puts most debuts to shame. And as they continue to play more dates this summer in support of the debut EP, they're also preparing to release their full-length album later this year.

"Chameleon" off their debut EP The Luring
by Pixikill

"Your Highness" by Pixikill