Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Terra Naomi performs at the Apple Store Santa Monica.

I was able to catch a back-to-back, double-billing of Lelia Broussard AND Terra Naomi last week at Santa Monica’s Apple Store and then the next day at The Hotel Café! Holy One Two Punch Batman! Both are making news this past month, each one touring for different reasons.

Terra Naomi at Hotel Cafe.Lelia Broussard at Hotel Cafe.
Both Terra Naomi and Lelia Broussard performed at Hotel Cafe this past weekend.
photos by Bored4Music

For Terra Naomi, she was celebrating her release of her newest album, “To Know I’m Ok" which she released independently. Terra, who shot to stardom in 2006 when she uploaded a video of her singing "Say It's Possible" on YouTube and went viral. Over a million hits for an independent musician when YouTube was basically at its infancy was unheard of at the time. It led to Terra getting a record deal at Island Records and, among other things, performing at Wembley Stadium in front of 80,000 people for Al Gore's Live Earth concert which, in turn, was broadcast to millions of people around the globe.

"You For Me" official music video by Terra Naomi.

Now, her latest release brings her back to her do-it-yourself roots enabling her the freedom to create her type of music that's not controlled by the record label machine. She found it also bridges the gap between her and her fans, allowing her to interact and engage with her fans on a more intimate level. And what she has to show for it is "To Know I'm Ok," a slow burning wild fire that engulfs with heartfelt emotions and, like a mesmerizing flame that dances seductively, Naomi's powerful vocals sparks from the ashes of fragile subtlety to rising phoenix. "You For Me," the fun pop opening track is a great re-introduction to Terra and, as a tribute to her fans that made this album possible, Terra asked fans from all of the world to send in their photos which she included in the official music video.

The rest of the album is Terra at her best. Often times, songs ripple with simple melodies highlighting her operatic voice that crescendos to rising, sweet arrangements. Terra's strengths are her ability to translate complicated feelings and turning them into beautiful songs that leave her bare and vulnerable. Listen to "I'm Not Sorry" about having an affection for someone in another relationship. With "Everybody Knows," "I'll Be Waiting" and "Someday Soon" it feels as if she's turned her inner feelings into a musical diary that only we are privy to.

This is Terra's first full-length album since 2007's Under the Influence from Island Records. She left the label a year later. And after listening to this album, it sure sounds like she made the right choice. She made this record by partnering with Pledge Music, a leading direct-to-fan platform for raising funds. Yep, this album was funded entirely by her fans. And you fans can check her out when she begins her free summer residency next month at Malibu Wines. Or you can watch her at my favorite venue, Hotel Cafe, on August 4th.

Lelia Broussard on the other hand is weeks away from finding out if she'll adorn the cover of Rolling Stone as part of their Choose The Cover Contest. Voting ends July 1st and the winner will be on the August 18th cover of Rolling Stone. (Click HERE to vote) Recently, Lelia just performed at this year's Bonnarro and later, she met up with Lady Antebellum who offered Lelia words of encouragement and guidance working in the music biz.

Lelia Broussard sings "Turn Me On" during her Apple Store performance.

Her new album, Masquerade touches on familiar themes we can all attest to. She's a fresh face with an even more refreshing sound. Her tunes, classic rock pop songs that are infectious and tender to the soul are like the ray of sunshine caressing the skin, the golden radiance that shines before nightfall and the warm sunset signaling the end to day you'd wish can last forever. Be sure to pick up the August 18th issue to see who made the cover. The winner (hopefully Lelia) will be announced and make their television debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon August 1st. So get out there and vote!