Tuesday, June 14, 2011

RACHAEL CANTU @ Amoeba Hollywood Green Room Sessions

Rachael Cantu
Rachael Cantu
file photo by picksysticks

LA-based singer/songwriter Rachael Cantu performed an acoustic set in the Amoeba Hollywood Green Room. Purchase the entire set or download a free track from this exclusive session right HERE.

Recently, Rachael started a new project with Harlan Silverman, recording new music under the name, "Little Brutes." Expect a new record later this year. Until then, you can get a sneak peek at a couple songs they've written together on their Facebook page. Here's what we had to say about Rachael when we saw her perform last year when she was touring in support of her second album, "Far and Wide."
"If her first album was a dark, threatening storm in the distance, then her second, 'Far and Wide' would be the sunlight breaking through those clouds. On "Far and Wide," her second studio album, Rachael proves her songwriting versatility with a blend of colorful and upbeat melodies but manages to keep that feeling of vulnerability and raw emotion in her powerful vocals that made her first album stand out. Check out her resume! Considering she's unsigned and self-released her latest album, Rachael Cantu has toured with BB King, Pat Benatar, Peter Frampton, Tegan & Sara, Ben Lee and Ryan Cabrera... Not bad for being unsigned."
Amoeba Hollywood Green Room Sessions presents: Rachael Cantu.