Tuesday, June 7, 2011

INDIE THURSDAYS @ Renaissance Hotel (Kim DiVine & Prema Yin)

Kim DiVine performs at Indie Thursdays Renaissance Hotel
Kim DiVine performs during Indie Thursdays at TheRenaissance Hotel.
photo by picksysticks

One of the best indie music scenes can't be found on the Sunset Strip or in Silver Lake. It can be found in the lobby of Hollywood's Renaissance Hotel. Every Thursday nights, presented by the Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA), the Renaissance holds Indie Thursdays in the hotel's Lobby Bar. The cover isKim DiVine free and runs from 7-10 pm with about 4-6 artists performing. Starting in 2009, Indie Thursdays have become a place for unsigned artists to showcase their music and one of the only opportunities where independent artists are hired to perform. This night on the bill was Los Angeles local, Kim Divine and Prema Yin from Malaysia.

Kim DiVine has that voice that you've heard of before but never actually knew who's voice it belonged to. Her angelic voice has helped her compile an impressive resume that includes her songs being featured in films, television and commercials and singing in some of the countries biggest venues including Madison Square Garden and Staples Center. Her newest single, "Perfect Kind of Love," was recently featured on CW's "One Tree Hill" while her other songs “Little Things,” “Blue Skies” & ”Letting Go” were featured on MTV’s “The Real World” Oh, and another thing. She's the voice of Jello-O. You've probably heard her singing the jingle in the Jello-O commercials. That's her.

"Perfect Kind of Love" by Kim DiVine.

Kim's songs surround and bathes you in refreshing harmonies, like soap bubbles that bursts around you, covering you with colorful melodies that cleanses your soul. You cannot, NOT smile when you listen to Kim. You come out feeling refreshed, wanting to dive again into this musical experience that is Kim DiVine. This night, she also performed "Easy On Me," an HMMA nominee for best pop song. Winners will be announced at the 3rd Annual Hollywood Music in Media Awards in November at The Highlands in Hollywood. Stay tuned!!

Prema Yin performs at The Renaissance Hotel during Indie Thursdays night
Prema Yin performs at The Renaissance Hotel during Indie Thursdays night.
photo by picksysticks

Prema Yin, who took the stage later that night, certainly has the talent to break it in America. In Malaysia, Prema garnered numerous awards and received a nomination for an AIM Award which is the equivalentPrema Yin to the Grammy Award. Crafted from deep personal experiences, Prema's songs showcase her potent vocals which mix the rock attitude of Janis Joplin with the raw soul of Aretha Franklin. But although this night was a more toned down set, Prema didn't hold back. Her presence was still felt even though she sat on a stool all night, highlighting her dynamic voice especially in her dance-hall ready "Eyo Eyo." Covering a wide range of musical genres, Prema's voice easily transitions from soulful Norah Jones (These Are The Days) to tender-pop Colbie Caillat (Fight) and finally to powerhouse Tina Turner (Eyo Eyo). Her voice is that good and I can't wait to see what she comes up with in the near future. Currently, Prema, who flew into Los Angeles last week, is focusing on playing more gigs to get her music out to the public and placing her music in feature films, tv and commercials.

This Thursday and every Thursdays, The Renaissance will host another set of great unsigned artists. Click HERE to see who is performing.

"Superstar" performed by Prema Yin.