Sunday, May 8, 2011

C-HORSE @ The Roxy

C-Horse performs at The Roxy.
C-horse performs at The Roxy.
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Pasadena based indie-pop band C-horse manages to do so much with so little, drawing on their influences of 60s & 70s pop music to create their own distinctive sound of simple arrangements layered with lush harmonies. But unlike the charming shine of The Shirelles or Beach Boys, C-horse is the innocence with bite, the thorns on the flower power.

Cecilia Enriquez of C-HorseC-Horse's Lindsay Mancha

Comprised of Cecilia Enriquez (vocals/guitar), Lindsay Mancha (bass/vocals), Mack Marquard (keys/guitar) and Courtney Olsen (drums), C-horse's songs radiates warmth, a feel of suburban summers and sunset piers. And last week, C-horse brought that warmth inside a sold-out Roxy, playing in front of an unfamiliar crowd, there to see headliner Boxer Rebellion. If they were nervous, they certainly didn't show it. Just recently coming off a month-long residency at Casey's Irish Pub, C-horse looked to convert the masses by launching into the hypnotic and beat-heavy "Tongues" and then captivating them with the celestial melodies of "Stars" and "Beds." "Spoon," their Carpenters-esque ballad on ecstacy throws Marquard's keys in the forefront while guitar-driven songs like "What," "Know Me" and "Squeeze" are catchy throwback-rock classics that will keep you coming back for more.

C-horse's Cecilia Enriquez and Lindsay Mancha
C-Horse's Cecilia Enriquez and Lindsay Mancha.
photo by picksysticks

All in all, their 30-minute set was far too short for my tastes. But what they did give us was a tease of what's to come on their upcoming second album. C-horse heads up north to the bay area next Sunday with a gig at Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco. Then in June, they return with a June residency at 3 Clubs in Hollywood.

Roxy setlist: Tongues/Stars/Know Me/Beds/Spoon/Oh Reconcile/What/Squeeze.

C-horse's Courtney OlsenC-horse at The Roxy

"Keep It Cool" by C-horse