Friday, March 4, 2011

KITTEN @ The Roxy

Chloe Chaidez of KittenChloe Chaidez of Kitten
Chloe Chaidez of KITTEN opens up for Young The Giant at The Roxy.
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Shy is not a word to describe Kitten – the five piece band fronted by 16-year old Chloe Chaidez. And if you’ve seen Kitten perform in the past, then you’ve come to expect Chloe’s seizurastic bouts of energy onstage as if excorcising the musical rock demon inside of her. Last Saturday was no exception. A packed Roxy Theater was there to witness this ritual rite unleashed in the form of a heavy landscaping of raging guitars and emotional melodies that had Chloe jumping off speakers and writhing onstage.

"Baby Come Home" by KITTEN.
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No pop songs allowed this night. These kids know how to put on a rockin’ set. Their 11-song, 40-minute set included songs form their critically acclaimed debut EP Sunday School. A nice blend of ordered chaos with melodic hypno tracks like "Kill the Light," "Catholic Boys," and "Johnny" to the sonic thundering blasts of "Kitten With A Whip," and "Chinatown." But the real treat is watching the ease in which Kitten transitions from depressingly moody to banshee Wolverine. Throw in their renditions of "Transmission" by Joy Division and The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry" and you've got a confident and polished set by these tween veterans of the stage.

Chloe Chaidez of Kitten
Chloe Chaidez of KITTEN performs to a sold out Roxy.
photo by picksysticks

And although it isn’t wrong to call them a young band, their sound is far from sounding like those teen alterna-pop bands who feel right at home playing high school Sadie Hawkins dances. Too cool for school. They’re the outcasts, the kids in the back of the classroom thinking of skipping their next class while the other kids plan the next spirit rally. Their ages could be a blessing or a curse. And in this label-minded industry, it's hard to place them in a particular category. They sound too mature for their age but could be too young to be taken seriously. Currently, Kitten are working on their first full-length debut album due out this summer. Also, they return to SXSW March 18th when they at Buzznet's Kiss Me Deadly party showcasing all female-fronted bands. Until then, they continue to tour with Young The Giant.

Remaining Tour Dates with Young The Giant
MAR 5 Fitzgerald's Houston, TX
MAR 6 The Loft Dallas, TX
MAR 9 The opolis Norman, OK
MAR 10 Sticky Fingerz Little Rock, AR
MAR 11 Exit/In Nashville, TN
MAR 12 Vinyl Atlanta, GA

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