Saturday, March 19, 2011


Alexx Calise
by JPegg

White cloud puffs filled the sky like lost sheep. It was a beautiful day with a gentle breeze foaming the waves and rustling the palm trees, though an ominous flocks of black birds swarmed above. On a hilltop, a Godzilla green ’65 GTO hardtop with a charcoal grill and air snout as mean as the monster itself, sat still in waiting with chrome wheels glistening. It was aiming down a long stretch of road that cut through a perfectly trimmed hillside of green, ending at the gates of mansion basking at the edge of a cliff, armed with guards.

Inside the vehicle, hands stretched on a pair of black leather gloves, then adjusted a Kevlar vest over a slim black tank top with breasts. Between her skintight black leather pants, sat a paper grocery bag full of grenades. In the passenger seat down to the floorboard next to her, there was a variety of weapons, including handguns, a sawed-off shotgun, and a few automatic weapons sizing from an Uzi to an AK-47. In the back seat in reaching position was a box of loose dynamite sticks. She had found his stash of weapons supplied to the lookouts, and from one of the guards, got an intimate lesson on how to use them. From where she sat now, their black outfits made them look like roaches infesting the property. It did not matter where they were at, she was going bull rush head first through the front iron gates. That was the simple plan of attack.

She did not feel like listening to Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, or even Nine Inch Nails. She did not want to be listening to any guys at all at this moment. Instead, she pulled out her personal favorite little beknownst album that had an injection of all those other bands combined, but with a female lead instead. It was not Evanescence. That was opera music compared to what she dug out from the glove box full of bullets. She gazed at the woman on the CD as though it was her own reflection, the chilling pale beauty with shadowed eyes, kiss of death red lips, and streaming blood and black hair. It was the In Avanti album from Alexx Calise. It was only coincidence that they both had the same first name. Alexx blew off the gunpowder, kissed it, and slipped this mood enhancer into the deck. It was the appropriate choice of music in her condition to flame the anger in her eyes alive and crank the burn in her blood.

The back-story to all this was that a weathly man stole her heart and gave Alexx everything, except his heart in return. He had given his heart to himself, which was his illegal empire, though she was unaware of it until the diamonds and soft luxury felt phony, when none of his love was attached to it and only confetti cash behind the sparkle. Alexx felt fooled, her man turning her into a trophy woman for banquets, personal get-togethers, company outings, and bedroom releases, glittered up like a favorite dog on a diamond leash. It took a summer in The Hamptons, her birthday, the seasonal holidays, Valentines Day, and about two months after, near spring, when she realized that gifts, false hopes, or promises this man only ever gave was meaningless compared to wanting to be loved as Alexx loved him. She was not going to be his play toy any longer. She was going to explode in and take her heart back.

She reached for a pair of black metal sunglasses hanging on the rearview mirror. She slid them on, adjusted the mirror, adjusted her looks, and rolled her lips.

The key turned the ignition. The beast awoke under the hood, giving a sudden roar, then settled into a smooth rumbling purr. The monster was ready to stomp. She kissed a cigarette to her lips, lit the fuse, and sucked a long sizzling inhale. It was for the dynamite. She wrapped her hands on the steering wheel, gripping tight, knuckles burning white, feeling the muscles strain into pain. She waited for the jolting emotion of anger to strike the gas. Then, suddenly, she relaxed, letting free the wheel, as if the anger just switched off. It didn't. She removed the key from the ignition. The beast went dead.

The cigarette tossed out. The driver side door opened. A pair of black heeled steel buckle boots stomped pavement. She thought the mansion was too perfect, like a perfectly frosted wedding cake. She felt she had to finger the icing a bit, ruined it, before crashing down upon it.

"Break Me" by Alexx Calise

She popped the trunk. The lid creaked wide open. She started throwing everything out, which included three fur coats, one with tags still attached, two jewelry boxes that broke open with gems scattering like marbles, four designer handbags, five pairs of heels, and a bunch of other gaudy trinkets. Then she found it, cradled in a coat of cream white mink. She unwrapped the item. It glowed a grin on her face. She lifted it from the fur and held the grenade launcher to her shoulder. Ridiculous. It looked like an oversized, giant barrel, Tommy gun.

She swung it around, clicked the safety lever revealing red, took aim through the scope, and yanked the trigger. The gun thumped her like a rag doll, but she stood firm and resolute in her target. She yanked the trigger a half dozen times, shifting slightly with every recoil. The icing exploded off the immaculate mansion, quickly, like a sand castle being kicked. Bodies in black flew. Pillars tumbled like towers, bringing the gate down with it. A palm tree blew out from beneath, toppling itself crashing through his favorite ocean view window. One blasted the master bedroom, leaving privacy in pieces. And for good measure, she decimated the cupid ivory water fountain that took up half the front lawn, breaking free a waterspout that streamed high above the black and burning blaze. She smiled at that, then slung the empty gun atop the pile of luxury road kill.

She got back in the beast, picked up the small Uzi, top cocked it, and shot up the front window. The glass riddled and cracked, but did not shatter. She reached up her boots and kicked out the safety glass. The shooting range was open. She cocked all her guns and fired up the animal.

And into the flame she rode the beast like the second coming of vengeance. The song, “Break Me,” played loud as she yelled, “You aren’t gonna break me, now!”