Thursday, February 17, 2011


Victoria Noll
Victoria Noll performs at The Sanctuary.
photo by picksysticks

You see her alone on stage, surrounded by twig thin stands and empty instruments, Victoria Noll, sweet whispering and strumming as if resting on a log in front of a dying campfire, playing in tune to the nature of night, peaceful and calm, nightingale beautiful, yet in shadows between subdued landscapes and far away stars that blanket with comfort from a God unknown. It is almost as though she is singing to herself, talking aloud, trying to make sense of troubling thoughts. You disappear with her. You become her, as though her music is a flicker that you follow into her soul. It is a strange experience, hypnotizing, her voice and strings easing the mind like a steady pendulum swing. Then while under her influence, it feels like a dream, the senses become less acute, tunnel vision, she is there, and heard clear, like music seeping in, while everything else is out of focus. You decide it is a good dream and try not to awaken from it, though you feel something pulling you towards a change in gravity. The mind radiates as spot shine of the stage beams her in a glow. Her music surrounds you like a blessed summer night in the open desert, leaving you there for a while to return to nature, becoming once again part of the dirt and breeze. You grab the cool earth. Feel it trail through the fingers and watch it flow. Dirt to dust. Then her sound goes silent. It alarms the body and brings you back to lucid. The world and senses rush in and the weight bears down on you once again. The spirit is back in its physical prison. She walks humbly off stage, but you wonder if she knows where she had just taken you.

"Take Me With You" by Victoria Noll.