Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SISTER CALYPSO @ The Sanctuary

sister calypso
Sister Calypso

Sister Calypso is Ali Kellog and her boyfriend. During their live show, they create tracks from her voice and instruments, slowly absorbing and developing them into a song that could follow a beaten boat down a river of drear. A place where prayers are unheard. A puttering bongo thumps like a dying heart. Kellog’s vocals glide like a soft ghostly fog that hovers across black rapid waters. Stings feel tight on the edge of snapping. Each strike needles the flesh from beneath, like static electricity coursing the veins, tingling the body with chills. The vigil of sounds continues to compound until it almost becomes a cluster of ambient noise. Each murmur of instrument crawling like a helpless wounded animal until it collectively becomes one unison cry. Each track given life for a few minutes before its lifespan is over. The emotions soon die one after another until the ceremony to frailty is done. Short lasting, yet radiant as a sunset that is slowly absorbed of its vitality until it is lost back into nothingness. Sister Calypso is a stretching river of sounds that swirls, sways, and bends, but only flows in one ominous direction. The funeral. Into silence, until only the eulogy of the electrical hum remains.