Friday, February 11, 2011

PIEL debut single "Studio 54 (Contagious)" is Contagious!!

pic by Robert Ferrone

Piel released their party house music video for “Studio 54 (Contagious)”. It’s the first single available on iTunes from their soon to be debut album, Birthmarks and Bruises. Tiki Lewis breathes sexy into dance vocals that tingles and jives the body in all kinds of tantalizing ways. Hot wax, ice cubes, and silk caress in one deep releasing breath. She’s a South Side Chicago native with her band taking root in Los Angeles. That raw urban vibe to survive and groove is there, too, in her lyrics of explicit passion. All night long hot sweat on the dance floor. One of the band members is spreading the word about the video by mentioning, “So, what makes this video special? The house it was filmed in was the place I was conceived... Wo... TMI?” Yeah, that kind of potent stuff is Piel.

"Studio54" by Piel