Canadian Alessia Cara made her highly anticipated Los Angeles debut at The Troubadour. Signed to Def Jam records based on her Soundcloud page that included covers of Lorde, The Neighbourhood, Sam Smith and Justin Bieber, this show marked Alessia's first headlining gig.


Ahead of their June 9th release of their upcoming album Wild Nights, UK's PINS have released their new single "Young Girls." Also, they just announced their U.S. summer toiur which kicks off June 13rh in New York.


Zella Day has released her debut album Kicker and she celebrated with a sold out show at LA's famed Troubadour last week.


Last Saturday, over 150 bands made their journey to downtown Pasadena to take part in Make Music Pasadena (MMP), billed as the largest free, all-day music festival on the West Coast.


Winter's new album Supreme Blue Dream is the ideal soundtrack to your summer..

Monday, February 28, 2011

THE SHAKERS @ The Viper Room

The Shakers' Jodie Schell and Chris Lee
the Shakers perform at The Viper Room.
photo by picksysticks

Lead singer Jodie Schell’s birthday bash at The Viper Room in Hollywood was The Shakers kicking ass on stage like a runaway train tearing through back country blues, a burning fireball of sultry rock, dark dressed and striking sleek as a black cat clawing into a back alley rat, cute frills with sharp vocals that shred with screams yet soothes like the taste of strawberries, volatile explosive with sensitive fragility, a radiating presence, an ever glow joy on her face like the girl on that Japanese Milky candy licking her lips with rosy puff cheeks and big smile until the inner beast gets unleashed, a woman that knows how to breath fire to exhale the pain, the night belonged to her like shadows creeping through the red light district, therapeutic for torn hearts and photo burned memories, futile fugitive feelings that can never escape or be erased, her dark clouds that thunders, lightning, and floods speakers, barbwire cries, a loving forceful sound that no man can reproduce and most women can only emit while giving birth, exploding like a grenade striking audience eyes wide and bodies recoiling to her blasting force, cranked loud while exuding softness, sweet and dangerous as a box of chocolate covered habanera peppers or a razorblade birthday cake, a vocal flame thrower, sledge hammer, and a quart of Jack Daniel’s with wrecking ball impact, a scorching heat wave igniting air to flame, an unexpected oil rig fire that burns endless through their set, wonderful yet shattering like a brick through a sunlight bright pane glass church window, rainbow glass snowflakes that cut to bleed, an inviting oleander poisonous flower as colorful as a black widow spider, but with a friendly kind lovingness that brings cupcakes to share at her own birthday party. So, this is Happy Birthday, Jodie “Bomb” Schell!!! And Thanks to The Shakers for blowing away the crowd like the candles on that birthday cake!!!

The Shakers
The Shakers
The Shakers
Jodie Schell celebrates her birthday at The Viper Room.
photo by picksysticks

"Oh Daddy" by The Shakers
vid by 405east


Friday, February 25, 2011


"Plans" by The Submarines

Last night on Grey's Anatomy, The Submarines' new song "Plans" was featured on the ABC hit show. "Plans" is off their new album Love Notes / Letter Bombs which drops April 5th. They also just announced their Spring North American tour which kicks off April 7th in Costa Mesa and ends at the famous Troubadour in L.A. May 7th. Click HERE for the rest of the tour dates.

"Plans" by The Submarines on Grey's Anatomy

Thursday, February 24, 2011

SARA BAREILLES @ Club Nokia with Seth MacFarlane

LA songstress and Grammy nominee, Sara Bareilles will perform during the “Seth MacFarlane Swingin’ In Concert” at Club Nokia which takes place March 26th. Bareilles will join MacFarlane and a 36-piece orchestra to sing their duet, “Love Won’t Let You Get Away.” MacFarlane, known for featuring countless musical numbers on his tv show, including “Family Guy” has been a fan of music from the 40s & 50s. He is also a trained singer and his new album, “Music is Better Than Words” features duets with beloved artists Bareilles and Norah Jones. Universal Republic Records, who signed MacFarlane in 2010, will release the album in stores and online platforms in September 2011. Tickets for this event goes on sale February 26th at 10 am.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hunter Valentine's Laura Petracca
Hunter Valentine's Laura Petracca
photo by picksysticks

Last week, the Canuck invasion continued their assault on Los Angeles. At the Grammys, we saw Best New Artists nominees Drake and Justin Bieber then we saw Arcade Fire take home Album of the Year honoKiyomi McCloskey of Hunter Valentiners. Saturday night, at The Roxy, our neighbors to the north gave us their latest offering – Hunter Valentine.

Since their EP release in 2007, Hunter Valentine has been building a dedicated following. Now, they've solidified their rock star status and growing fanbase by touring off the strength of their latest release, Letters from the Late Night. Saturday night only proved that with a sick live performance in front of huddled masses of a Los Angeles crowd seeking refuge from the pouring rain outside.

"I hear rain here in L.A. is like snow," frontwoman Kiyomi McCloskey says. "You pussies," she smirks before taking off her slim white jacket revealing a body hugging wife-beater. McCloskey was ready to turn up the heat. And like a rusty nail dipped in coca cola, Hunter Valentine's sharp hooks bleeds surgary melodies normally saved for John Hughes teen flicks. Themes of love and heartbreak, like attitude-laced mentos washed down with red bull, this Toronto based trio are a walking 80s movie montage. Where's Molly Ringwald when you need her? As thunderous beats from Laura Petracca poured down, lighting filled syringes shot up Kiyomi's guitars and vocals as cool-as-ice bassist Adrienne Lloyd cleared their path for a downpour of hits like "Scarface," "Stalker," and "Treadmills of Love." A little rain wasn't going to damper their sold out show. Hunter Valentine made sure of that. They continue their North American tour through March. Click HERE for their remaining tour dates.

"Stalker" by Hunter Valentine

Alicia Grodecki of Vanity Theft
Vanity Theft's Alicia Grodecki performs to a sold out Roxy Theater.
photo by picksysticks

Ohio-based rockers Vanity Theft performed a solid set earlier in the night. Only in their early twenties, Vanity Theft are already tour veterans, generating industry buzz long before they were signed to a label. With an electro-rock specialty, these gals liVanity Theft's Alicia Grodeckit up the stage with a confident performance. Having the tools to make it big, these press darlings have a lot to live up to. They garnered numerous 'Pick Lists" and were recently dubbed "The Band You Must Know" by the New York Post and voted No. 1 debut album by a Dayton Band in 2008 by The Dayton Daily News while also playing Vans Warped Tour a year later. Taking it all in stride, this media attention doesn't seem to phase them. Straight forward lyrics and a hard-edge sound with catchy melodies, Vanity Theft are sure to separate themselves from all the other 'chick bands' currently out there who sing about butterflies and rainbows. Vanity Fair is currently on tour with Hunter Valentine and their latest album, Get What You Came For, was released digitally earlier this month with a store drop date March 1st.

This marathon night continued well past the next day with 100 Monkeys, aka: the guy from Twilight, aka: Jasper, aka: Jackson Rathbone. Screams from Twi-hard fans erupted well before the Roxy velvet curtains raised. And when they finally did, a quick search of the stage was all they needed to find their friendly vamp. This LA band are more than just window dressing. They consist of Uncle, Jerad Anderson, Ben Graupner and Ben Johnson – a talented group playing musical-chairs (but with their instruments) and trading vocal duties to boot. I have to admit, having hearing them for the first time, they did sound pretty good.

100 Monkeys' Jackson Rathbone
Jackson Rathbone of 100 Monkeys performs at The Roxy.
photo by picksysticks

Monday, February 21, 2011


"What Built Me" official video by Queen Caveat.

Recently voted #3 as Deli Magazine's list of "Los Angeles Bands To Watch," Queen Caveat just released their new video for "What Built Me." Directed by accomplished AFI graduate Evan Urman, the gritty, high-energy video to Queen Caveat's, "What Built Me" forces itself down your throat and dramatic noir imagery leaps at you off the screen as lead singer Lauren Little is chased by an unseen evil through the seedy back alleys and dilapidated slums of downtown Los Angeles. She capably snarls, screams, and roars her way through the song -- most times with a steely, entrancing glare directly at her shocked audience -- as the band brings the house down behind her, head-banging their way through blistering solos and breakdowns. Be sure to watch out for the ending!

Queen Caveat performs at this year's SXSW Music Festival next month but you can catch them here in L.A. when they play Saint Rocke March 1st and The Mint on March 8th.


Hey music fans! Our good friends The Shakers are performing this Saturday (2/26) at The Viper Room. Not only will it be a night of great music from great artists, it's also The Shakers' Jodie Schell's birthday bash! Joining the celebrations are Hillbilly Herald, The Shrill, Badwater and Cosmic Trigger! It's surely going to be a great show.

Check out our pics, vid and write-up of the show right HERE!

"Villian" by The Shakers.
Directed by Jason Dodson

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Amanda Jo Williams performs at The Sanctuary
Amanda Jo Williams performs at The Sanctuary
photo by picksysticks

by JPegg

It was nearing midnight. He was about to leave The Sanctuary, a church in Santa Monica that appeared to have been gutted of its religion and god long ago. The exterior had the same eeriness of a church graveyard at night with a few burned out lights. On the inside, the pulpit and choir was now a stage, and the pews replaced by sofas, recliners, and cushion seats of yard sale variety. There was still wine, but also beer, both for three dollars, very cheap. The offering was a five-dollar donation at the door. Live music performances all night, instead of a fearful sermon. It was a very relaxed place full of friendly and festive youth hippies, basically. It almost felt like a homeless shelter after an apocalypse, a lot of dark linen and layered knits, keeping warm, but a safe haven where people forgot the outside world full of white-collar, money hungering zombies for an evening.

He was outside now, looking down the road to the bright Main Street a few blocks away where the college kids were hanging out, loud and obnoxious, in the typical bars and restaurants across from Starbucks. He saw and heard them and was glad he was in the dimmer, lesser known, little happening place of the church. Four bands had played and there was only one remaining.

He turned and almost left when he saw two interesting ladies talking. One was cute, tall and lean, bright sunshine hair, while the other was matted dark with tattoos with what looked liked scripture on her neck. It was like a yin and yang, day and night, looking at them. Sunshine was smoking a cigarette and Tattooed Darkness was drinking a clear liquid from a small fishbowl. He was so interested in them that he asked Sunshine for a cigarette. She had nice eyes too as she gave him a menthol. Then Tattooed Darkness offered to light it for a dollar. Sunshine kept out of it, letting Darkness do her thing. He gave a dollar to Tattooed Darkness. She tried to light his smoke, but could only make the lighter spark. He causally took the lighter from her unsteady hands and lit his cigarette himself. He offered Sunshine a dollar for the cigarette, but she declined.

They talked for a few, but the two ladies then had to leave, excusing themselves, saying that they were performing on stage with Amanda Jo Williams. He laughed hard inside of the odd coincidence, but showing only a grin, he knew now he had to stay and watch the last band.

Amanda Jo Williams sat center stage behind a kick drum and holding a ukulele sized guitar. Two shaggy beards were behind her, one on bass and other with electric guitar. Sunshine and Tattooed Darkness flanked opposite ends. Sunshine tinkered on toy piano while Darkness played with two empty High Life beer bottles and a taped-together tambourine. He saw this and felt sad that he had not given more than that dollar. As for Sunshine, he silently wished her the best of luck up there.

Overall, Amada Jo Williams was great with her childlike chipmunk voice (one comment was that she sounded like Sandy Cheeks from SpongeBob SquarePants) singing simple lyrics, “I am just a country girl,” babying her tiny guitar, and toe tapping the drum petal with her boot. All the other band members appear to flood the sound with unwanted instruments. The guitarist seemed like he was trying to do a solo between every breath, too much. Sunshine and Tattooed Darkness looked like they meant well, but off rhythm most times, playing catch-up or hopscotch. The good thing was that it seemed like they were all having fun, like a jam session in a barn or something. It looked to him like a group of musician relatives that have not met in a long while, playing together for the first time at a hoedown family reunion. Maybe, he thought, there was too much lightning in that goldfish bowl of clear liquid that was being passed around during the set. They were relaxed and having fun, but he thought it might be good to see Amanda Jo Williams perform a solo show next time, without the backyard folkies.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Victoria Noll
Victoria Noll performs at The Sanctuary.
photo by picksysticks

You see her alone on stage, surrounded by twig thin stands and empty instruments, Victoria Noll, sweet whispering and strumming as if resting on a log in front of a dying campfire, playing in tune to the nature of night, peaceful and calm, nightingale beautiful, yet in shadows between subdued landscapes and far away stars that blanket with comfort from a God unknown. It is almost as though she is singing to herself, talking aloud, trying to make sense of troubling thoughts. You disappear with her. You become her, as though her music is a flicker that you follow into her soul. It is a strange experience, hypnotizing, her voice and strings easing the mind like a steady pendulum swing. Then while under her influence, it feels like a dream, the senses become less acute, tunnel vision, she is there, and heard clear, like music seeping in, while everything else is out of focus. You decide it is a good dream and try not to awaken from it, though you feel something pulling you towards a change in gravity. The mind radiates as spot shine of the stage beams her in a glow. Her music surrounds you like a blessed summer night in the open desert, leaving you there for a while to return to nature, becoming once again part of the dirt and breeze. You grab the cool earth. Feel it trail through the fingers and watch it flow. Dirt to dust. Then her sound goes silent. It alarms the body and brings you back to lucid. The world and senses rush in and the weight bears down on you once again. The spirit is back in its physical prison. She walks humbly off stage, but you wonder if she knows where she had just taken you.

"Take Me With You" by Victoria Noll.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SISTER CALYPSO @ The Sanctuary

sister calypso
Sister Calypso

Sister Calypso is Ali Kellog and her boyfriend. During their live show, they create tracks from her voice and instruments, slowly absorbing and developing them into a song that could follow a beaten boat down a river of drear. A place where prayers are unheard. A puttering bongo thumps like a dying heart. Kellog’s vocals glide like a soft ghostly fog that hovers across black rapid waters. Stings feel tight on the edge of snapping. Each strike needles the flesh from beneath, like static electricity coursing the veins, tingling the body with chills. The vigil of sounds continues to compound until it almost becomes a cluster of ambient noise. Each murmur of instrument crawling like a helpless wounded animal until it collectively becomes one unison cry. Each track given life for a few minutes before its lifespan is over. The emotions soon die one after another until the ceremony to frailty is done. Short lasting, yet radiant as a sunset that is slowly absorbed of its vitality until it is lost back into nothingness. Sister Calypso is a stretching river of sounds that swirls, sways, and bends, but only flows in one ominous direction. The funeral. Into silence, until only the eulogy of the electrical hum remains.


"RESCUE SONG" by Mr. Little Jeans featured on new Honda Commercial

That catchy song you hear in that new Honda CRV 4-wheel drive Commercial is from Monica Birkenes, AKA Mr. Little Jeans and it's called the "Rescue Song." This Norwegian singer recently transplanted to Los Angeles to record her new album and reportedly takes her moniker from Wes Anderson's film, "Rushmore." Here's a good article on Mr. Little Jeans from The Gaurdian.

"Rescue Song" by Mr. Little Jeans

The Rescue Me song by Mr. Little Jeans

Monday, February 14, 2011


It's Valentine's Day and The Dollyrots want to give you a very special Valentine's song to show how much they love us!! Download their b-side song "Valentine's Day" at their page on Reverb Nation right HERE!

Their label, Blackheart Records is also offering something pretty cool! You can also send a Dollyrots Valentine to your sweeheart that includes a special download that will make their big 'Blackhearts' burst! Just click on the image below or right HERE to send!

"Valentine's Day" by Dollyrots

Friday, February 11, 2011

PIEL debut single "Studio 54 (Contagious)" is Contagious!!

pic by Robert Ferrone

Piel released their party house music video for “Studio 54 (Contagious)”. It’s the first single available on iTunes from their soon to be debut album, Birthmarks and Bruises. Tiki Lewis breathes sexy into dance vocals that tingles and jives the body in all kinds of tantalizing ways. Hot wax, ice cubes, and silk caress in one deep releasing breath. She’s a South Side Chicago native with her band taking root in Los Angeles. That raw urban vibe to survive and groove is there, too, in her lyrics of explicit passion. All night long hot sweat on the dance floor. One of the band members is spreading the word about the video by mentioning, “So, what makes this video special? The house it was filmed in was the place I was conceived... Wo... TMI?” Yeah, that kind of potent stuff is Piel.

"Studio54" by Piel

Thursday, February 10, 2011

"BLOODBATH" documentary about Miss Derringer's Liz McGrath

Elizabeth McGrath of Miss Derringer
Miss Derringer's Liz McGrath
photo by picksysticks

Elizabeth McGrath, front-woman of L.A. band Miss Derringer, is the subject of the new documentary, "Bloodbath," directed by Cecil B. Feeder. The premiere is this Saturday (Feb. 12) at New York's Museum of Modern Art with an introdcution by Blondie's Debbie Harry.

"Bloodbath" Trailer

"BLOODBATH a documentary about Elizabeth McGrath"

Elizabeth McGrath artist/musician shares the story of her life. Growing up in Altadena, CA and raised by religious parents, Elizabeth found an inner peace through her art and music.

When she was 13 years old her parents enrolled her in Victory Christian Academy, a fundamental Christian lock-down facility for girls. After leaving the school she encountered a time of homelessness, drugs and an abusive relationship that left her emotionally paralyzed.

Using her artistic talents to find work, she struggled to survive in Downtown LA where she remains today. Her art and music career has flourished over the years and now she is considered a prominent figure in the world of music and art.

Through interviews with her parents, friends, bandmates and artistic peers, this documentary shows that Liz McGrath has a urgent need for the cathartic outlet of art and music.


London-based The Kills just released their new video "Satellite," their first single off their fourth album "Blood Pressures." It'll be released April 5th in the U.S. They also announced tour dates beginning next month with a stop in L.A. (Pomona) on May 14th. The Kills, featuring Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince blend retro/sinister melodies as if Nine Inch Nails sat in for a mani-pedi.

"Satellite" by The Kills.

One of my favs, "Cheap and Chearful" off 2008's "Midnight Boom."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


He Is We
He Is We performs at the Troubadour last year.
photograph by picksysticks

Released last November via digital download, He Is We's debut album, My Forever, debuted at #6 on Billboard's Heatseekers Album Chart and #3 on iTunes' Pop Album Charts. Now, the duo comprised of Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly hit the road this weekend in support of that album. Check out the acoustic versions of "Blame It On The Rain" and "Happily Ever After" below.

"Blame It On The Rain" (acoustic) by He Is We.

"Happily Ever After (acoustic)" by He Is We

02/13 Pullman, WA @ WSU Compton Union Building Ballroom
02/15 Cheney, WA @ EWU Pence Union Building
02/16 Boise, ID @ Neurolux
02/17 Salt Lake City, UT @ In The Venue (Club Sound)
02/19 Springfield, MO @ Outland Ballroom
02/23 S. Hacksensack, NJ @ School of Rock
02/24 Hamden, CT @ The Space
02/26 Wilmington, DE @ Harmony Grange
02/27 Philadelphia, PA @ The Barbary
02/28 Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
03/02 Atlanta, GA @ Vinyl
03/04 Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum
03/05 Orlando, FL @ Backbooth
03/06 Montgomery, AL @ Bottletree
03/08 Houston, TX @ Numbers
03/09 Dallas, TX @ The Door
03/10 Austin, TX @ Emo’s
03/11 San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit
03/12 Oklahoma City, OK @ The Conservatory
03/13 Albequerque, NM @ TBA
03/15 Mesa, AZ @ The Underground
03/16 San Diego, CA @ The Epicentre
03/17 Anaheim, CA @ The Chain Reaction
03/18 Thousand Oaks, CA @ Thousand Oaks Teen Center
03/19 Stockton, CA @ Plea For Peace Center
03/21 Portland, OR @ The Hawthorne Theatre
03/22 Seattle, WA @ El Corazon

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


UK darlings Marina and the Diamonds are gearing up for a busy 2011. Recently, Marina was confirmed as the opening act on Katy Perry's California Dreams US Tour this summer. Marina and the Diamonds are also performing at this years three-day Coachella Music Festival. And more good news for the Diamonds. They've just won Best Newcomer at The Virgin Media Music Awards besting other artists such as Ke$ha and The Pretty Reckless. Good job!

"I Am Not A Robot" by Marina and the Diamonds

Monday, February 7, 2011


Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

photos by Bored4Music

The time warp that is Grace Potter and the Nocturnals blends the glam-rock of Heart, the attitude of Joplin and the swagger and soul of Tina Turner. Before last week, I really wasn't familiar with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, the Vermont-based band that sold out Friday night's show at The El Rey. Always game to hear something new, I tagged along with my buddy at Bored4Music. He's always right on the money with music and this night was no exception. This was no arena show but it sure felt like it. Currently promoting their self-titled album which peaked at #19 on the Billboard Charts, Grace sure knows how to put on a great show. Here's an excerpt of his review which you can read in its entirety right HERE.
"What can I say? Grace Potter and the Nocturnals delivered. It was ultimate performance that I wasn't expecting. Again, I was a new fan of her music and all i really knew was their current hit ... Paris (Oh La La) ... which is blowing up the music video world. I knew she was great vocally, and that is really an understatement. This chick can wail. There were times during the concert, I thought to myself "Fuck". I have never been mind fucked in such a way at a concert before."
Opening up the night was the local flavor of Belle Brigade, a surprise treat in what would become an amazing evening. No flash, no bells and whistles. Just simple folky, blue-collar sounds which felt like a summer evening, ice-tea in hand while sitting on my patio-swing chair. Belle Brigade brought the warmth back to Los Angeles - something familiar - which was something this city needed during this unusually cold SoCal weather. Their songs felt like bumping into an old friend and picking up where you last left off as if nothing has changed. This brother/sister combo of Ethan and Barbara Gruska from Los Angeles doesn't feel the need to rush their songs. Slow and steady. Camp-fire guitars with soaring vocals. Simplicity at its best. Never wearing out their welcome, I can listen to them under the stars all night.

They just completed their first residency at The Satellite (formerly Spaceland). Currently, they're on their U.S. tour through April and ttheir single, "Losers" is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

THE MUFFS @ The Satellite

The Muffs
The Muffs perform at The Satellite
photo by picksyticks

It's been 20 years and counting since The Muffs formed in 1991. Saturday night, these L.A. veterans brought their pop-punk nostalgia to a packed house at The Satellite (formerly Spaceland). The Muffs, rising to fame in the mid-90's with the release of their debut album on Warmer Bros. Records, they became widely known for infectious melodies that combined screamo-sing-along choruses and scruffy guitar arrangements. Their cover of Kim Wilde's "Kids in America" which was featured in the 1995 film "Clueless" brought them wider attention. And Satrurday night, everything that was old seemed brand new again as The Muffs, for almost 90 minutes, powered through nearly 30 classics that included "Outer Space," "From Your Girl,"Lucky Guy,' and "Sad Tomorrow." A blend of aged x-gen faithfuls and younger x-box aged fans filled The Satellite as front-woman Kim Shattuck, bassist Ronnie Barnett and drummer Roy McDonald showed why The Muffs were able to weather through two decades while other bands during their time crumbled to dust. The Muffs songs, "Outer Space," and "Kids in America" were even featured on Rock Band which Kim playfully joked that she couldn't master on the game saying, 'It was too hard." During the night, that went way past midnight, Kim teased a new album which will be released soon. Can't wait!!!

The Muffs
Kim Shattuck of The Muffs performs at The Satellite.
photograph by picksysticks

The Muffs perform "Outer Space" at The Satellite
vid by Lunabeat7


Here's the newest single, "Hello," featuring Canadian electropop band Dragonette from producer & French DJ Martin Solveig which is featured in the new Trident Vitality: Vigorate Commercial which premiered during Super Bowl Sunday.

Trident Vitality: Vigorate Commercial featuring the song "Hello" by DJ Martin Solveig and Dragonette.

OFFICIAL "Hello" Video by Martin Solveig featuring Dragonette.

Dragonette singing "Hello" in Ontario last month.
vid by rass4life

Friday, February 4, 2011


Lonely Trees featuring ex-frontwoman of Monsters Are Waiting will play Bardot's Hollywood this Sunday, Feb. 6th.


Thursday, February 3, 2011


Blake Hazard of The Submarines
Blake Hazard of The Submarines
photo by picksysticks

SPIN got an exclusive interview with Blake Hazard and John Dragonetti of The Submarines. In it, the married couple talk about writing together (in the same room) for the first time for their new album, Love Notes/Letter Bombs which drops April 5th and how the popularity of their Apple iPhone commercials affected the way they wrote their upcoming record. Spin also previews two new songs, "The Sun Shines at Night," and "Birds" which you can download for free at their site. You can download the song and read the full interview HERE.

"Sun Shines at Night" by The Submarines

"Birds" by The Submarines

3/18, Austin, TX @ SXSW
4/7, Costa Mesa @ Detroit Bar
4/9, San Francisco @ Slim's
4/11, Portland @ Doug Fir Lounge
4/12, Seattle @ Tractor Tavern
4/13, Vancouver @ Biltmore Cabaret
4/15, Salt Lake City @ Urban Lounge
4/16, Denver @ Larimer Lounge
4/18, Omaha @ the Waiting Room
4/19, St. Paul @ Turf Club
4/20, Chicago @ Schubas
4/22, Toronto @Horseshoe Tavern
4/23, Montreal @ Casa Del Popolo
4/25, Allston @ Brighton Music Hall
4/26, Brooklyn @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg
4/27, Philadelphia @ Johnny Brenda's
4/28, Washington @ Black Cat Backstage
4/29, Chapel Hill @ Local 506
4/30, Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
5/2, Austin, TX @ The Parish
5/3, Dallas, TX @ The Loft
5/5, Tucson, AZ @ Solar Culture
5/6, San Diego, CA @ The Loft
5/7, Los Angeles, CA @ The Troubadour


Queen Caveat performing at last year's Sunset Strip Music Festival at The Viper Room.
photo by picksysticks

The Deli Magazine has listed the top 3 'L.A. bands to watch' which was voted by the fans of L.A. and Queen Caveat came in at #3. Oh yeah! We first saw them performing at The Viper Room at last year's Sunset Strip Music Festival. They released their EP, Emptor, last August which is available at iTunes and Amazon. Click HERE to see who else made the list!

"Oh No" by Queen Caveat

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Margot Paige of boxViolet
boxViolet's Margot Paige
photo by picksysticks

by JPegg

boxViolet reminded me of a memory I never had about a story that I didn’t think would be a good idea to tell. However, it was all that was in my mind after watching their live performance and reading vocalist Margot Paige’s most recent news about her unfortunate loss in the family along with her search of something bright to break the mundane of recent years.

The story that Paige and boxViolet invoked was about an eight year old boy that tried to grow a garden of morning glories. He liked the blue ones that his mother once grew in the spring. It would be his most memorable flower. He liked how they were open in the morning, as if to greet him good day as he crossed the lawn on his walk to school. The flowers were growing in a flower box next to his parents’ window, from vines that roped around a few sticks of wood. He counted each day how many had opened to greet him. “Good morning five” or “Good morning three, looks like more tomorrow or just a little late waking up today,” he would say, something cheesy like that. Once, he tried to touch a drop of dew that looked like a clear ladybug resting invisible on the flower, but when he did, the flower was so delicate that it created a wrinkle in its blue. He tried to straighten the flower smooth, but instead tore it. Angry with himself, he ripped it from the stem and buried it in the soil. He never touched the flowers again. Some days he was worried about a test or something bothering him and just passed them by. On his way to school he’d remember that he forgot to good morning them and wondered if they would be open for him the next day or just stay closed to show their resentment. When they were bright open, they were always so amazing, heavenly blue, they were called, as if they were funnel shaped windows facing heaven. When the boy arrived home from school, the flowers were spiraled up, as though they were sleeping. It made him a little bit tired as well. He kept silent as he passed them on the way into his house.

"Star Stuff" by boxViolet

During summer vacation, the boy didn’t see them much. When he awoke in the morning, closer towards noon, he would watch television for the most of the day or go out and play. When he would play he would ride his bicycle out of the garage, which was in the rear of the house or he would stay in the backyard with friends. He never needed to go out the front door in the morning. When he went places with his parents, the flowers would be spiraled up and sleeping. He forgot about them after a while. Television made him forget to take a quick walk outside in the morning to greet the flowers in bloom. Before school started again in the fall, his mother dug up the plant and threw them out. The boy never knew they were gone until he left for that first day of school when he instinctively as a routine turned his head, but this time only saw the blank exterior of the house. In a split moment, the memories of those morning glories came back to him. He looked down at the flower box and saw nothing but soil with the sticks gone. When he asked his mother about them, she said it was finished and that the flowers were gone, the season was over. “We’ll plant them again in the spring,” she said, and gave him a squeeze. That was the only year she planted those flowers. Next spring came. The flower box was still there, but mother was gone.

The boy asked his father if he could plant the morning glories again. His father took him to the gardening center and the boy picked out the seed packets that pictured the same heavenly blue morning glory. There were fifty seeds in a packet. The boy thought each seed would only produce one flower, so he grabbed three packets, hoping that it would last through summer. Father didn’t check how many were in a packet and just purchased them for his son. “We’ll find those sticks in the garage and plant them tomorrow,” said his father.

When they got home, the boy tore open a packet and gently poured a few seeds into his cradling palm. The seeds were small and black, like sunflower seeds without the white, he thought. He carefully poured them back into the packet and folded it closed.

That evening, there was a Dodgers baseball game on television. Father was already drunk and passed out in his arm chair by the third inning. The boy ran out of sunflower seeds while watching the game, spitting them like the players, not on the ground but into a plate. It wasn’t long before the boy remembered the morning glory seeds looking like sunflower seeds. He went and got them. He unfolded the open pack and ate one. There was nothing to spit out. It was not soft like the sunflower seed, but rather hard like CornNuts, but without the barbeque coating that he liked. He remembered he was out of CornNuts, too. It was closer to eating Grape Nuts cereal, but he hated that. So, he kept grinding his teeth away on those morning glory seeds. It was just something to keep his mouth occupied and hands busy while watching the game.

Margot Paige of boxViolet
boxViolet's Margot Paige
photo by picksysticks

A few hours later in the ninth inning, the boy had eaten through two packets of morning glory seeds and noticed he was almost finished with the third. He started to feel strange. His body felt like it had done a few cartwheels and spun around a few times too many. He wasn’t dizzy, just light headed along with his body. The television started to pulsate and the colors seem brighter and twitching. He looked at the brown carpet and it rippled like a wave under his body, but couldn’t feel it moving. The baseball announcer started to echo. The boy thought he was dreaming. He called out for his father on the couch, but he was too lush to awake. He heard a sharp knock and thump at the door. He looked out the window and saw nobody. On the sidewalk there was a white plastic bag tumbling by casting shadow shapes of footprints that disappeared between streetlights. The boy thought it was the ghost of his mother with groceries. He called out for her, but the object continued to shadow and float out of his view. Gone. The boy awoke to the sunlight the next morning, climbing out from under wet covers, finding himself tucked deep under his bed. He never did plant those morning glories, ever. And was always frightened of the heavenly blue, until he later understood what happened to him that night. A psychedelic experience. However, he sometimes wondered if it really might have been his mother knocking at the door, coming to console and save his father. That’s the shortened draft version of the story that flashed in my mind while watching boxViolet perform this evening. The name boxViolet reminded me of morning glories that once grew in that flower box. The passing reminded me of lost loves. Moreover, the songs and Paige’s performance reminded me of a strained and wishful hope and what it finally became.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Here's a new video from Nico Vega performing an acoustic version of my favorite song, "Gravity." You can get this acoustic version off their new 6-track EP, "Nico Vega Covers Nico Vega & Rod Stewart."

"GRAVITY" by Nico Vega