Wednesday, January 26, 2011


PIXIKILL'S Jewel and Blaire Restaneo
Pixikill's Jewel and Blaire Restaneo

Jewel and Blaire Restaneo. Remember their names. Still in their teens, the Restaneo sisters are already Hollywood veterans. Chances are, you've already either seen them or heard them. Both have starred on Broadway, have been featured in numerous national commercials and appeared in television and film. On the music front, the duo has already recorded a few albums, even donating all their proceeds to Childrens Hospitals.

Now, they look to solidify their names in the music world with their new venture fronting the band, Pixikill which infuses grunge with the electro-pop sounds of the 80’s. And if their debut single is a taste of what’s to come, then they’re certainly on their way to achieving superstar status. Harnessing the energy of Paramore with the attitude of Avril Lavigne, “Chameleon” is their buzzing pop debut single littered with infectious melodies. With bruising guitars and soaring vocals, Pixikill aren't the run of the mill girl-pop band. They play well beyond their years with a polished sound that should put most debuts to shame. Rounding up the band is Chris Norwood (guitar), Victor Trevino (bass), Mike Kim (drums) and Corey Waters (keys). They're gearing up for a tour this year as well as releasing their first full-length album. Can't wait!!

Pixikill's offiical music video for "Chameleon."