Friday, January 14, 2011


photo by Bholanath Photo

Gliese 581g (pronounced “glee-zuh”) is a recently discovered planet way beyond our solar system, but very much like Earth. The planet is nestled nicely in a star’s “habitable zone,” like the location of our Earth in relation to the sun. Therefore, it is considered a Goldilocks planet. That means conditions on Gliese 581g are “just right” to possibly support life. It falls into the middle of the two extremes, perfect conditions, like the little girl’s preferences in Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In a sense, Gliese 581g might possibly be our New Earth. Just a bit of science fact or fear.

Gliese 581g is also the title of the new EP released by the Los Angeles based band, Mad Planet (Cooper Gillespie: bass, vocals & Greg Gordon: drums, keyboards, guitars). The four tracks are first releases from their upcoming album entitled: The Goldilocks Zone. The astral sounds of Gliese 581g are currently streaming and FREE DOWNLOAD on

There is a certain planetarium, star gazing, essence to EP Gliese 581g, as if a visit to Los Angeles’ own Griffith Observatory was part of the inspiration, relaxing, meditating, watching the heavens rotate above Mount Hollywood. It has a more delicate essence than the dark shadow crawl feel of their debut album, All Elephants. It is more of a lost in space, star cluster, free float between darkness and light. A fire ball massive in size, light years away, yet only as bright as a twinkle in the eye. A whole world of emotions hidden beyond what we actually see in that glimmer. The empty space inside us with its little bursts of bright hope, possibly love, possibly anger.

In a recent Filter Magazine interview, Mad Planet describes Gliese 581g:

“We are releasing an ep later this month called Gliese 581g. It is named after the planet, Gliese 581g which is perpetually light on one side and dark on the other. Lyrically the songs on the ep deal with the conflict between the light and the dark inside each of us. They are more moody and atmospheric than the songs on our previous album.”

"I Want You" by Mad Planet