Sunday, January 30, 2011


When Maxi Wild grabbed the guitar and stepped to the mic, it was like awe yeah, time to rip it up. Take a deep breath and wham! Skate or die. Shred the chords. Tighten the noose. Ride punk rock angel wings burning to earth through the thunder and lightning blur. Slap time and bend gravity. Break the pavement as if it was a road to nowhere. Coming through - useless barricades - coming through. Unstoppable. Spark the butane torch blue, needle point the burn, and make permanent marks. No ceremonies required. Trample the red tape and tear lines apart, break them all. Adrenaline can’t be canned. Wait for nobody. Pressure crammed to stress fracture limits. Normalcy ripped out of order and caught fire in the punk chaos mayhem. High Kicks slamming knuckles in the circle pit of life.

When the guitar took a rest, Maxi snatched the microphone from the stand. No more standing still. No more hand tremors pulsating the chords. It was time for Maxi to strut her wild. Electronic beats started up. Sean Gone on bass guitar kept the deep boom and Jimmy James went raving on drums. Now time to dance. The aftermath cinders set the atmosphere to release the body in grooving commotion. Confuse the muscles twisting and turning. Movement in one direction is already going in another. The body flows to each its own limb. Lights craze with color as hair flips and circuits the mind. The songs are longer. It’s a celebration. The other side of the rush. This is the release. Now fully charged. It’s time to move the body and feel the flow of vibrant life. High Kicks on the Crayola of joy dance floor.

The dual personality sound of High Kicks makes them rad to watch live. It’s punk jams or dance beats. Punk jams jolts the energy like shock paddles, a quick charge, while the dance paces the body and numbs the thoughts, as though becoming one with the vibe, feeling the energy’s smooth, seemingly ceaseless, dissipation. Then Maxi kicks up the guitar and sticks the fork in the socket again!

High Kicks will be displaying their two kicks of talents every Friday night in February at 5 Star Bar in Downtown Los Angeles. Oh dang, I need oxygen.