Monday, December 27, 2010

QUEEN KWONG @ Boardner's Hollywood

Carre Callaway of Queen Kwong
Carre Callaway of Queen Kwong plays at Boardner's Hollywood.
photo by picksysticks

Queen Kwong is Carré Callaway in her darkest place, meat grinding her living nightmares into lyrical sound seizures. Stew in some hate molten Nine Inch Nails, suicide raw Nirvana, and torturing screams from the burning inferno fit into a female frame of femme fatale, the result will be a Queen Kwong live performance. It was as if a demon thought it was a good idea to posses her, until she shackled it inside her and only allowed its broken black to be released through her seething vocals and steel scrapings on guitar. Institutionalized her horrors within and used it to create her sound. Each song like a deadly ooze of stained memories, torn love, rotting heart spoilage, and other personal sewage. It appeared that if she spotted a former nightmare alive in the crowd, she would have jumped stage with teeth turning fangs before sucking withered the victim’s soul and veining its strength for her next song. It felt unsafe to have the railing not be a cage with her exorcising convulsions of emotions on stage. Broken glass madness filled her eyes with each spit of lyrics as though every part of her body was simultaneously being steel pierced and tattoo injected. Underneath, pure soft torment, an emotional suppression of awaiting a death row sentence for the lovers she hacked with the poetic instrument she now strums, waiting in a cell or a straight jacket whistling a soft kill, or live on stage as she was this night. It is not heavy metal stabbing bash and bang, but rather a gut stab, a slow twist with a jagged rip through the thumping heart, and a sweet kiss good night. Queen Kwong sounds of a restless female spirit slain by the wretched.

Queen Kwong performs at Boardner's Hollywood.
video by 405east