Friday, December 31, 2010


Sarah Jeanette of The Mulhollandsby JPegg

Call them The Mulhollands. They look like an estranged set of delinquents from different cracked paths that led to the same winding road they now travel together with their well-groomed Hollywood Walk of Fame in the shady side of town sound, where millionaires smile on billboards above bus stops, pawnshops, and liquor stores. A band of five misfits kicked to the counter culture curb of Los Angeles .

There’s Sarah Jeanette, that looks like she would’ve been a burned out waitress at a truck stop by now if she didn’t black glitter herself in the slim, curls, and tattoo trails, and sing her refreshingly minty vocals while finger punching her lunchbox keyboard. She’s a black-eye punch with a soft caress. On lead guitar, there’s the can’t keep still or two feet flat, Matt Fuller with his live jolt flash looks and sounds of Punk, Rockabilly, and Calvin Klein, in his nicely pressed glam, hair spikes, and gloss polished Texas belt buckle medallion of a guitar. He looks as sophisticated as chrome rims with no tires on a cruising pearl Beemer. On bass is the Asian IT tech geek resembling, Jeff Mizushima, with computer monitor shaped black rim glasses, and seems hoped up on floods of energy drinks, orange sodas, and corporate database hackings, forever trampoline head bouncing. Their drummer, Rich Berardi, looks like he just got off his overtime floor shift at a mall working holiday hours with customers mopping him ragged with their trivial questions about sales and prices. He releSarah Jeanette of The Mulhollandsases a frustration on drums that he could only show as a smile to others at work. Oh, then there’s that one rhythm guitar guy, Murray Foretich.
He’s the scruffy straight collar hippie looking guy that adds subtle surprises and spice to marinade the harmony.

They set the mood like a potpourri brush fire on the hills of Mulholland Drive that bellows of fragrant colored smoke across the skyline to give a rose lens view of the Hollywood sign, while stuck on the outskirts looking up at the enormous houses deep in the hillside, passing guarded gates and holding up a thumb with all possessions in hand. So close, no trespassing, though the star map says you’re at your destination. The Hollywood life filled with cigarette butts floating brown in bitter coffee.

The Mulhollands
released an EP in 2007, entitled “With Our Eyes Closed.” Supposedly, however, somebody left the band and took songs with him. Those sounded too rehashed generic pop ‘80’s anyway. They got him replaced, pushed forward, dropped the pop corny bop, and added definition and sophistication with a West Coast tint of grit and seduction. Years in the making, they just returned from their first tour, they’re on the list: Music Connection: The Hot Live 100 Live Unsigned Artists and Bands, and they recently released their first album out now: “Oh My!”

"Fascination" by The Mulhollands from their first full-length album "Oh My!"