Thursday, December 2, 2010


Jennifer Quiroz performing at The Roxy
Jennifer Quiroz performing at The Roxy.
photo by picksysticks

As the curtains rose revealing a singer on stage, holding a guitar almost as tall as her, Jennifer Quiroz proves that big things come in small packages. I stumbled upon the gem that is Jennifer Quiroz performing at The Roxy last Monday night. But this was no ordinary night, it was Jennifer's birthday and what better way to spend your birthday than performing at the The Roxy on the famed Sunset Strip. There was also cause for more celebration too. Earlier this month Jennifer found out she was named as one of ClearChannel Radio's "New! Disocover & Uncover Artists To Watch,". Her debut EP, And So I Sing, was just released earlier this year. Six tracks of personal and intimate songs sung by someone who's lived through each harrowing and blissful experience. At least, that's what it sounded like. She's that good. Sounding like someone who had to grow up really fast, Jennifer's honest lyrics are brought to life by her catchy melodies in a way that doesn't make it sound phony. Yet onstage, she retains that youthful innocence who enjoys everything that life has to offer and transforming her performance into what felt like a special, intimate and private jam session.

In a year since she's released And So I Sing, Jennifer has been adding to her resume. Most recently, she won the "In Search of a Song" monthly Searchlight Songwriting Contest for her song, "Crash." In September, she was featured on SoCal Sounds on BreakThru Radio highlighting LA artists. Her song "The Greatest Good" has been featured on Ghost Whisperer and she was nominated for a 2010 LA Music Awards Triple A Artist of the Year Award. Wow. If she's able to accomplish this in one year alone, there's no telling what 2011 has in store for Jennifer.

Jennifer Quiroz sings "Time After Time."