Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DOLLYROTS "Messed Up Xmas" Video

Here's the new Dollyrots video for their holiday song,"Messed Up Xmas." This was part of a contest entry in which the lyrics were suggested by the fans. Now you can see if your entry made the final cut! You can also download the song right HERE. Here's Kelly explaining on their blog the process of writing this song:
"We recorded the song in my living room last weekend in 1 1/2 days with Luis at the helm. Once we finished up it was so much fun we were inspired to make you a video to go along with it! We used nothing but the junk around my place, our iPhones, some rum, Quito, two Macs and an mBox to do it all. Hope it brings you some holiday cheer. Rah Rah!

We love you guys! For real, not drunk dial, "I love you man." Hope you have an awesome holiday season and may next year be the BEST EVER for all of us! We're working on a ton of new stuff for you and coming up with new ways to interact so please keep an ear, eye or antenna out for all that new stuff! And of course we'll be making the rounds on the road again and can't wait to see your wonderful faces."