Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Bullet and Snowfox's Kristen Wagner
Kristen Wagner of Bullet and Snowfox perfrom at Boardner's HollywoodKristen Wagner on vocals is Snowfox. Josh Shapiro on guitar is Bullet. Matteo Eyia on drums and von Luxxury on bass fill the “&”. Together, they are Bullet & Snowfox! At least that's the way it was live with Wagner, the sly cuteness with frisky vocals, and Shapiro, gunning big caliber with guitar. Bring loud the hot dance BPMs. They were in their hometown rainbow strobe wildness at Wednesday’s Club Moscow in Hollywood. No escape when Wagner ear locked the crowd with her cosmic electric lightning. Feel the drug come alive. Dance fury. Like a bottle of strawberry soda shaken and popped. Fun filled fizz of sweetness. Pop Rocks tingling the blood with bursting sensations.

Bullet & Snowfox staged their live energy outside in the cigarette and candle filled fountain patio atmosphere, while short skirt ladies on boxes inside the club danced to the DJ. The beats pumped from interior to exterior to interior, floods of electro through every orifice. A flirty filled eighteen and over party that happens every hump day at this place. Lush, plush, and elixir delight under the solar particles of color. Bring a flyer before ten-thirty or get on the guest list and it saves ten in the pockets. Lines go fast. Nights last long.

Debut music video from Bullet & Snowfox performing "Neurotic Nancy."