Saturday, September 11, 2010

SPIRIT VINE: Residency Fridays @ 5 Star Bar

spirit vine
Spirit Vine

by Georgia Dorge

There are some indie bands that belong to L.A. They appear at every street fair or city festival. They can play east side or west side. They're rock filtered through one particular influence or era. Spirit Vine has earned this position over the last two years. Their influences include blues, ayahuasca, and beer, which they combine into a form they call "dirt rock boogie."

This month, Spirit Vine is headlining a residency at 5 Star Bar, a cool spot nestled between the Mexican gay bars around the corner from The Smell. They've culled the indie scene for variety, yet the bands selected fit in a sort of L.A. rock family, 2nd and 3rd cousins to the city's sound, experimental but digestible. The Pity Party, Seasons, and Manhattan Murder Mystery are well-known and approved, but they're joined by some rising talents like Cigarette Bums, Spider Problem, Jesus Makes The Shotgun Sound, and then there's Run River Run, who don't even have a recorded track yet! Take a look, listen, and find your Friday night plans.

Listen to a song from each band on this residency mixtape.

And download a mixtape created by Spirit Vine to ease your stress.
"Here's 10 songs in specific order to be played before doing anything that's harmful to the brain: homework, shitty job, paying for tickets, hearing authority figures telling you what to do, and paying bills. LIFE'S TOO SHORT TO LET ALL THAT BRING YOU DOWN." —Spirit Vine
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Spirit Vine at Silverlake Jubilee