Wednesday, September 1, 2010

PALMDALE'S New EP "Get Wasted"

PALMDALE is the new collaboration between former Letters to Cleo singer, Kay Hanley and Linus Dotson. They released their EP "Get Wasted" via download only on iTunes and Amazon in March of this year. GOLDMINE MAG recently did an interview with the duo which you can read in its entirety right HERE. Below is an short excerpt:
"In 2010 they’ve come together, merging their talents and birthing an excellent five-song, download-only EP, Get Wasted. The sound is instantly likeable, slightly edgy guitar-based pop, with Hanley’s expressive vocals alternating between sweet and snotty. The four originals are all top-drawer (“Here Comes the Summer” should, by all rights, be blasting from iPods from coast-to-coast as we speak) and a prettied-up cover of Local H’s 1996 hit “Bound For the Floor” is nice, too. Good stuff, indeed."
Palmdale plays The Hotel Cafe on September 14th. Below is their video for "Happyness Has A Half-Life" and "Here Comes the Summer" from their new EP Get Wasted.