Thursday, September 16, 2010

PALMDALE @ The Hotel Cafe

Linus Dotson and Kay Hanley of Palmdale
Linus Dotson and Kay Hanley of Palmdale performing an acoustic set at The Hotel Cafe.
photo by picksysticks

The newest Hollywood couple isn't Bachelorette Ali and Roberto or Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. If you were at the Hotel Cafe Tuesday night, you saw newest couple Linus Dotson and Kay Hanley banter onstage like one of those couples you see at the supermarket arguing about what flavor ice cream to buy, not caring who hears them. They're actually not a couple (or are they?) but they sure do play the roles nicely. But both do make up the band Palmdale and Tuesday, they played an intimate set at The Hotel Cafe in support of their download-only EP, "Get Wasted."

Kay Hanley of Palmdale

A transplant from Boston, Kay Hanley, the former lead singer of Letters To Cleo, who now calls L.A. home brings her talents and sound to Palmdale (the band). And with Linus Dotson's talents as a writer and producer, working with bands such as Bowling For Soup, Puff Daddy and Cheap Trick, Palmdale is just getting started wetting our appetites with an 5-track EP earlier this year. "Get Wasted" from Oglio Records consists of infectious melodies of pop-rock with guitars that bite. Listen to "Happiness Has A Half-life" and "Here Comes The Summer" on the widget above and you'll quickly be singing along while driving up the PCH. Their songs, stripped down this evening during this full one hour set are even catchier when heard acoustically. Their chemistry was easily the highlight of the evening during a night in what felt like a friendly jam session in front of close friends. Kay and Linus revealed their upcoming album, which was expected to drop this October, has been pushed back indefiniteley, Linus admitingly remixing it for the third time. Such perfectionist.

In the mean time, for updates or if you need a quick chuckle, check out Palmdale's very entertaining video blogs HERE.