Wednesday, September 1, 2010

APPLE STORE Summer Music Series: Santa Monica

Caitlin Crosby performs at Apple Store Santa Monica
Caitlin Crosby performs at Apple Store Santa Monica.
photo by picksysticks

Apple Store Santa Monica continues its ongoing Summer Music Series with great acoustic performances from Caitlin Crosby, Amy May and Samantha Stollenwerck at the 3rd Street Promenade store.

First off, we'll start with Caitlin Crosby who treated fans with her inspirational music by performing last night (Aug. 31) at the store. One of the most important things in Caitlin Crosby’s life isn’t her music or acting career. It’s her website that she launched, LoveYourFlawz, that embraces people’s imperfections as who they are, encouraging girls to have a positive body image. And listening to her live, you can hear her passion, her music shows this emotional depth, her raw emotions bleeding through her weathered voice highlighting the vulnerability in her lyrics. Released last year, her album, aptly titled “Flawz” is like the soundtrack to her website, Crosby even penning a song with the same name singing, "All my flaws to see...You still love me." The rest of Caitlin’s songs delve on the same themes of body issues singing in one, “I’m too colorful to conceal...Imperfect is the new perfect” in the song of the same name which she ended the night with. For all the issues Caitlin throws into this album, you would expect "Flawz" to sound preachy but it doesn't. Caitlin's is able to weave beautiful, fragile melodies and thoughtful lyrics without feeling you're being lectured to.

Cailtin Crosby's music video for "Flawz."

Amy May performs at Apple Store Santa Monica
Amy May performs at Apple Store Santa Monica.
photo by picksysticks

Last week, on back-to-back nights, the Apple Store hosted two more great artists. First was Amy May on August 17th who currently has her album, “Right Right Now,” available on iTunes. The journey-woman singer has delighted audiences across the globe and can regularly plays on Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade. Now a staple on The Promenade, May usually generates a large crowd when she performs, often times luring shoppers with her vulnerable melodies and spellbinding voice. Listen to ‘Real’ and ‘Open’ and you’ll be hooked.

Samantha Stollenwerck performs at Apple Store Santa Monica
Samantha Stollenwerck performs at Apple Store Santa Monica.
photo by picksysticks

The next day brought the ‘Cali-soul’ sounds of Samantha Stollenwerck. A California native, Stollenwerck’s new album, “Carefree” embodies the laidback California vibe with catchy, smooth melodies and is perfect for those long summer days relaxing on the porch, sipping iced-tea or on those long drives out in the desert heading to Las Vegas. Either way, you get the idea. Blast those speakers and you’ll quickly want to sip something cold and groove to her tunes. Check out her song, “Carefree” which was recently featured on CW’s “One Tree Hill.”

Of course, you can purchase all the above artists' albums on iTunes. Next week, on September 3rd, the lovely Marina V will be performing her classical pop/rock live at the Third Street Promenade Apple Store. Be sure to check her out.