Thursday, August 19, 2010

WOAH HUNX @ HEARDfest Presents (@ Junction Block)

Woah Hunx performing Heardfest
Woah Hunx performs at HEARDfest (Junction Block)
photograph by Picksysticks
By JPegg

Woah Hunx is somewhat of an indie spasm group with hemorrhaging instruments and flailing vocals spurting like being possessed by an adrenaline bursting spewage that sounds of speaking in tongues while foaming chaotic insanity, but yet has a congruent erratic appeal like that of an abstract Jackson Pollock painting.
Or sort of how it felt during the show after having a cold metal can flavored beer with a Korean spicy chicken Philly cheese steak from Lee’s Philly Gogi truck. It tastes awkwardly good with the spicy sauce throwing the beer buzz into overdrive, but leading into that burning stomach churn that gurgles and brews like a chemical factory about to explode. The taste of the gritty best of roach coach specials and what backside indie Los Angeles has to offer.
It was all part of the vibe at the Heard of Elephants presents show at Junction Block warehouse across the street from the Los Angeles State Historic Park . A few cheap $3 beer-in-a-can choices, a few big liter pickings from alcoholic momma’s liquor cabinet, and a line of Mexico fruit soda bubbly, Jarritos. Thrown in with a few notable DJs from KXLU and LA Record between the eight bands playing in a place of mirrors and face paintings and leftover comfy couches. This was a miniaturization of what was suppose to be a larger festival that was to be held at the historic park, but was canceled due to the strict city government throwing a lot of red tape around these types of events. One rave gone wrong and all of a sudden LA festivals require an exponential amount of security per imported porta-potty. The actual big enchilada HEARDfest is currently postponed.

Woah Hunx performing a quickie:

vid shot by 405east

Katherine Petersen
– vocal emotion too pure for articulate coherency
Dirty Preston Olson – guitar seizures
Jonathan Harry Weinberg – drum convulsions
Chris Juarez – quick hands on bass