Canadian Alessia Cara made her highly anticipated Los Angeles debut at The Troubadour. Signed to Def Jam records based on her Soundcloud page that included covers of Lorde, The Neighbourhood, Sam Smith and Justin Bieber, this show marked Alessia's first headlining gig.


Ahead of their June 9th release of their upcoming album Wild Nights, UK's PINS have released their new single "Young Girls." Also, they just announced their U.S. summer toiur which kicks off June 13rh in New York.


Zella Day has released her debut album Kicker and she celebrated with a sold out show at LA's famed Troubadour last week.


Last Saturday, over 150 bands made their journey to downtown Pasadena to take part in Make Music Pasadena (MMP), billed as the largest free, all-day music festival on the West Coast.


Winter's new album Supreme Blue Dream is the ideal soundtrack to your summer..

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

HEY MONDAY'S "I Don't Wanna Dance" is the iTunes 'Free Single of the Week'

Hey guys! HEY MONDAY'S "I Don't Wanna Dance" is the iTunes 'Free Single of the Week,' so if you haven't downloaded it, it's your lucky day.

Friday, August 27, 2010

SPEAKER JUNKIES @ Sunset Junction 2010

Speaker Junkies' Summer Daniels and Tekno Tom
Summer Daniels and Tekno Tom of Speaker Junkies perform at Sunset Junction 2010
photos by picksysticks

Speaker Junkies' Summer Daniels and Tekno Tom
Summer Daniels and Tekno Tom of Speaker Junkies perform at Sunset Junction 2010
photos by picksysticks

by JPegg

The first day of Sunset Junction 2010 street fair was filled with a diverse culture of music and the usual annual activities of carnival rides, carnival treats, worldly varieties of foods to eat, free promotional samples of various sorts, a unique line of nostalgia stocked stores, a few bars, alcohol spillages, lots of cops standing statue in blue, and lots of people of various ages, styles, and walks of life that is Los Angeles.

Sunset Junction 2010
Crowds braved the heat at Sunset Junction 2010.
photo by picksysticks

But the Electro Stage was the place to be for nonstop revitalization. DJs mixed the latest dance grooves that made passersby pause for a moment to notice a slowly expanding party in the street in front of speakers thumping the beats. It looked like a growing dance club under the sun. The music seemed an apparent allure to the ladies that were there to release and have fun, dancing in their summer skin outfits and swaying high their beverage of choice. It was a vibe about enjoying the moment. Body movement plugged into the sound, leaving heavy thoughts and worries curbside. Those that did not join in on the gyrating, simply watched from a distance and appeared as though they were fixated on trying to understand why they themselves could not feel the vibrant sensation these swirling bodies had to be feeling.

Across the way, a troop of acrobatic glittering ruby red outfits contorted their stunning female sexuality on a high hoop. The slow sensual scene with toes dangling six feet above ground accompanied with the fast dance beat nearly made them unbearable to watch without sweating with anticipation that there might be a fall to the pavement at any moment. Then the glitter swung down to safety and ended with big smiles, but the pulsating beat of the music continued, making it suddenly feel like a scene from a horror movie with the happy unexpected victim about to be attacked. And just as one thinks it, the announcer appeared with a knife in hand. What next? Nothing. The show was over. People walked on.

Towards the evening, the afternoon of DJs had gathered a swarming energized crowd. It was the perfect warm-up to jump start the audience into the live performance of Speaker Junkies. Bouncing on stage and hopping to the beat of her band, lead singer Summer Daniels looked like a youthful Lindsay Lohan in the days of her sunshine smile. Pure exuberance in body and voice. Along side were Rezn Tokes pounding the trance on synth, Tekno Tom jamming on keytar, and special guest drummer Chris Qualls (Electric Valentine) keeping the tempo fast and steady.

Speaker Junkies' Summer DanielsSpeaker Junkies' Summer Daniels
Speaker Junkies' Summer Daniels at Sunset Junction 2010.
photographs by picksysticks

Speaker Junkies' Summer DanielsSpeaker Junkies' Summer Daniels
Speaker Junkies' Summer Daniels at Sunset Junction 2010.
photographs by picksysticks

Speaker Junkies are junky fiends for any sound with a fast beat. They are techno, electro, hip-hop, and dance in a blended fusion to keep any gathering hyped. Their new album is out now with a load of new songs, collaborations, cover songs remixed, and guest remixes of Speaker Junkies songs. It’s a party in itself. Check out one of their new song “I Want Your Boyfriend” performed live at Sunset Junction.

vid by 405east

Thursday, August 26, 2010

THE PRETTY RECKLESS performs on Late Show with David Letterman

Taylor Momsen's The Pretty Reckless performs at Vans Warped Tour June  25th at Carson, Ca.Taylor Momsen's The Pretty Reckless performs at Vans Warped Tour June  25th at Carson, Ca.
The Pretty Reckless' Taylor Momsen performing June 25th at Warped Tour in Carson, Ca.
photos by picksysticks

Just completing seven weeks of touring on the Van's Warped Tour, Taylor Momsen's The Pretty Reckless performed "Make Me Wanna Die" last night on CBS' Late Show with David Letterman.

Recently in a SPIN Magazine interview, she threw a slight jab at Rihanna saying quote, ""People think pop is rock, and the lines are getting blurred. Now Rihanna's wearing fuckin' leather jackets, and it's really annoying." You can read the full interview HERE.

Now, on the heels of that remark, Bored4Music posted Taylor singing a pretty cool rendition of Eminenm and Rihanna's, "Love The Way You Lie." CLICK HERE to listen!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SOME HEAR EXPLOSIONS debut album "It's Our Time Now" Out Now

Ambre Leigh of Some Hear Explosions performs at Viper Room
Ambre Leigh Kulas of Some Hear Explosions performs at Viper Room in December.
photo by picksysticks

Ambre Leigh Kulas - vocals
Bay Dariz - vocals, guitar
Alex Gallner - bass
Joe Herrera - drums

No strangers to the Los Angeles music scene, Some Hear Explosions has finally released their highly anticipated debut album, “It’s Our Time Now.”

Forming in 2008, S.H.E. generated industry buzz from their three-track demo and quickly became known for their electrifying live performances in venues like The Roxy, The Viper Room and The Key Club on the famed Sunset Strip –- all this without a formal album release.

Some Hear Explosions

Touring on the strength of their powerful anthem-driven title track ‘It’s Our Time Now’ and the vulnerable ballad, ‘Amazing,’ fans longing for these songs will be happy to see these favorites on this album.

With a combination of aggressive and sensual melodies, “It’s Our Time Now” is a confident debut album that compliments Bay Dariz’s hard and heavy guitar with Ambre Leigh’s sultry yet bold vocals. And she sings every note like she means it, especially from the emotional ballad, ‘Too Forgiving’ to the infectious ‘Beep.' And with the dance hall crashing, "Baby Won't Kiss You (kiss my lips)," S.H.E. showcases their electro/pop side proving their musical range isn't confined to just rock. It’s this delicate transition from hard rock to beautiful ballads to electro/pop that makes Some Hear Explosions appeal to their fans.

Recently performing at Milwaukee’s Summerfest, S.H.E. is now planning their U.S. tour with Lights Over Paris starting in September in support of their new album. They finish off their tour in L.A. at The Roxy on October 30th.

Bay Dariz and Ambre Leigh Kulas of Some Hear Explosions perform "Amazing" on "The Morning Blend" NBC 4 Milwaukee in June.

"IT'S OUR TIME NOW" Track Listing:
1. Explode
2. All Your Gravity
3. Baby Won’t You (kiss my lips)
4. Give / Take
5. Shotgun Romance
6. Beep
7. Too Forgiving
8. Hell A
9. It’s Our Time Now
10. Amazing
11. Mysterons

SUNSET JUNCTION 2010 (Day 1) - Photo Gallery

Sunset Junction 2010 (Saturday)
photos by picksysticks

Thursday, August 19, 2010

WOAH HUNX @ HEARDfest Presents (@ Junction Block)

Woah Hunx performing Heardfest
Woah Hunx performs at HEARDfest (Junction Block)
photograph by Picksysticks
By JPegg

Woah Hunx is somewhat of an indie spasm group with hemorrhaging instruments and flailing vocals spurting like being possessed by an adrenaline bursting spewage that sounds of speaking in tongues while foaming chaotic insanity, but yet has a congruent erratic appeal like that of an abstract Jackson Pollock painting.
Or sort of how it felt during the show after having a cold metal can flavored beer with a Korean spicy chicken Philly cheese steak from Lee’s Philly Gogi truck. It tastes awkwardly good with the spicy sauce throwing the beer buzz into overdrive, but leading into that burning stomach churn that gurgles and brews like a chemical factory about to explode. The taste of the gritty best of roach coach specials and what backside indie Los Angeles has to offer.
It was all part of the vibe at the Heard of Elephants presents show at Junction Block warehouse across the street from the Los Angeles State Historic Park . A few cheap $3 beer-in-a-can choices, a few big liter pickings from alcoholic momma’s liquor cabinet, and a line of Mexico fruit soda bubbly, Jarritos. Thrown in with a few notable DJs from KXLU and LA Record between the eight bands playing in a place of mirrors and face paintings and leftover comfy couches. This was a miniaturization of what was suppose to be a larger festival that was to be held at the historic park, but was canceled due to the strict city government throwing a lot of red tape around these types of events. One rave gone wrong and all of a sudden LA festivals require an exponential amount of security per imported porta-potty. The actual big enchilada HEARDfest is currently postponed.

Woah Hunx performing a quickie:

vid shot by 405east

Katherine Petersen
– vocal emotion too pure for articulate coherency
Dirty Preston Olson – guitar seizures
Jonathan Harry Weinberg – drum convulsions
Chris Juarez – quick hands on bass


Sunday, August 15, 2010

THE DOLLYROTS @ The Bootleg Theater

The Dollyrots' Kelly Ogden at The Bootleg Theater.
The Dollyrots' Kelly Ogden at The Bootleg Theater.
photograph by picksysticks

The Dollyrots' Kelly Ogden at The Bootleg Theater.
The Dollyrots' Kelly Ogden at The Bootleg Theater.
photograph by picksysticks

It was a homecoming for The Dollyrots Friday night at The Bootleg Theater as the group took a break from their tour with The Cliks and Hunter Valentine to attend their official cd release party for their new record "A Little Messed Up." The album doesn't drop until August 17th, but that didn't stop The Dollyrots from handing out their new cd to the first 50 fans who showed up.

"A Little Messed Up" is the second record from Joan Jett's Blackheart Records and it's fitting because it seems like they channel a little bit of Joan Jett in this album. The rock influence is most noticeable on the first track, "Rock Control," a guitar heavy rock-anthem that opens this album and continues in "Big Mouth," and even throws us a ballad-esque rock tune in the form of "Rollercoaster."

But although "A Little Messed Up" is more of a rock album than a punk album,
with their signature fast paced throttle and catchy melodies, fans of The Dollyrots won't be disappointed. In fact, this album has a song for everyone, a testament to the The Dollyrots' maturing writing style. Songs like "Om Nom Nom," "California Beach Boy," and "Some Girls," capture what fans love about The Dollyrots. The title track, "A Little Messed Up," and "California" also features the classic Dollyrots sound – fun, fast with anthem-like choruses to sing and dance to.

However, it's also the slower paced songs that are the true highlights because they showcase Kelly's surprising silky vocals. Just check out "Pour Tous Jours," and "Just Like Chocolate," which coincidently sounds just like "Dumb," the B-side to the "California Beach Boy" vinyl single released in January. But it's the fast and infectious, catchy melodies that The Dollyrots are known for and they deliver in "A Little Messed Up." And with Luis Cabezas' guitar on full-throttle, Kelly Ogden's pulse-pounding beats on bass and Chris Black's frenetic drumming, The Dollyrots show no signs of slowing down as evidenced Friday night as fans witnessed first hand that energy that they're famous for. The Dollyrots faithful showed up in full force and with opening acts Ingenue and Go Set Go starting off the show, it surely was a night worthy of a Dollyrots show.

Kelly Ogden of The Dollyrots performing at their cd release party at The Bootleg Theater.Kelly Ogden of The Dollyrots performing at their cd release party at The Bootleg Theater.

Kelly Ogden of The Dollyrots performing at their cd release party at The Bootleg Theater.Kelly Ogden of The Dollyrots performing at their cd release party at The Bootleg Theater.
Kelly Ogden of The Dollyrots performing at their cd release party at The Bootleg Theater.
photos by picksysticks

Overall, "A Little Messed Up" is a mature-sounding Dollyrots album complete with a range of hard rock, punk and pop songs that will appeal to everyone. Already garnering positive reviews, The Dollyrots reportedly wrote about 23 songs and dwindled it down to 13 songs for this album. Imagine the songs that didn't make this album!

This fall, The Dollyrots will tour with Bowling For Soup in Europe starting on October but you can catch them again when they return to Los Angeles when they play Club Nokia with Screeching Weasel on September 19th.

Check out the video below from the CD Release party from Billybenight. Dollyrots perfrom "Out of LA" and "Some Girls." Great sound! Check out the cute bunny dancing at 2:23. Ha!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meet HEY MONDAY Aug. 18th at the new Santa Monica Place

Hey guys! Hot off Vans Warped Tour, Hey Monday drops by Los Angeles. Want to meet Hey Monday at the brand new Santa Monica Place next Wednesday at 7pm? All you have to do is pre-order their new album/cd "Beneath It All" at Hot Topic in Santa Monica. They'll be signing but not performing. The album drops a day earlier on August 17th.

Here's Hey Monday's first single "I Don't Wanna Dance" off their newest album "Beneath It All" (out August 17th).

(Hey Monday will be appearing at the Santa Monica Place Hot Topic located at 315 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401 on Wednesday, August 18th at 7:00 PM! HT+1 Members can pre-order the Hey Monday CD, Beneath It All, or purchase any Hey Monday T-shirt at participating locations (Santa Monica Place, Hollywood & Highland and Westside Pavilion) and receive a wristband** that guarantees the opportunity to meet the band on August 18th. Need more info? Then call the Santa Monica Place Hot Topic at 310.451.4979)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

THE DOLLYROTS "A Little Messed Up" CD/Record Release Party at The Bootleg Theater

UPDATE: August 16, 2010 - Dollyrots' new album, "A Little Messed Up" will be released August 17. Click HERE to read about their Aug. 13th record release party at the Bootleg Theater that and cd review .


Lindsay Lohan holding a copy of KILLOLA'S first album, "Louder, Louder."

Today, KILLOLA'S new album "Let's Get Associated" is released. You can order it right HERE and even download instantly on their site. Currently, it's streaming all week on SPINNER.COM. Check it out! And be sure to watch them live when they finish off their tour August 21st at The Roxy with the Cliks and Hunter Valentine.

KILLOLA'S "Let's Get Associated" out August 10th.

Track Listing:
1. Mid-Day Rebel
2. Gimmie, Gimmie
3. Cracks in the Armor
4. Traffic
5. She's a B---
6. The Doctor and His Son
7. 1-2-3-4
8. San Fernando Rose
9. Nothing Man
10. I Wanna See Your D---
11. Who We Think We Are

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

THE WEEPIES Announce US Tour Dates this Fall

Deb Talan and Steve Tannen of The Weepies at Lilith.
July 7, 2010: Deb Talan & Steve Tannen of The Weepies perform Lilith at the Verizon Amphitheater
photo by picksysticks

The Weepies just announced dates for their U.S. Tour. It's called the "Be My Thrill Tour" and so far, 32 cities have been confirmed with more probably to follow. This news comes on the heels of their performance last month at Lilith and in anticipation of their upcoming album of the same name, "Be My Thrill," which drops August 31st from Nettwerk Records. Although it's been two years since their last album, "Hideaway" came out, The Weepies have been keeping busy. They've been spending their time caring for their 2-year-old son and even though they haven't been touring, they're music hasn't taken a break. With over 100 song placements in TV and Film, you probably have heard their songs on popular shows like "Grey's Anatomy," "Brothers and Sister," "Sex and the City," "Gossip Girls," and commercials like the Chase commerical currently playing on your television sets right now.

Below is The Weepies new video for "Be My Thrill" which you can download digitally now at iTunes along with their other infectious single, "I Was Made For Sunny Days."

10/10 Los Angeles @ El Rey Theatre
10/13 San Diego @ Winston's
10/14 San Juan Capistrano, CA @ Coach House
10/15 Visalia, CA @ Fox Theatre
10/16 San Francisco @ Great American Music Hall
10/17 Chico, CA @ El Rey Theatre
10/19 Eugene, OR @ John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts
10/20 Portland OR @ Aladdin Theater
10/21 Seattle WA @ City Arts Music Festival - The Crocodile
10/22 Boise ID @ The Bouquet
10/23 Salt Lake City UT @ The State Room
10/24 Englewood CO @ The Gothic Theatre
10/26 Iowa City IA @ The Englert Theater
10/27 Minneapolis MN @ Cedar Cultural Center
10/28 Madison WI @ High Noon Saloon
10/30 Evanston IL @ SPACE
11/1 Grand Rapids MI @ Ladies Literary Club
11/2 Ann Arbor MI @ The Ark
11/3 Cleveland OH @ Beachland Ballroom
11/5 Philadelphia PA @ World Cafe Live
11/6 Londonderry NH @ Tupelo Music Hall
11/7 Boston MA @ Royale Nightclub
11/8 Fairfield CT @ FTC Stage One
11/10 New York NY @ Hiro Ballroom
11/11 Falls Church VA @ The State Theatre
11/12 Norfolk VA @ The Attucks Theater
11/14 Charleston WV @ Mountain Stage
11/15 Annapolis MD @ Rams Head On Stage
11/17 Atlanta GA @ Variety Playhouse
11/19 Dallas TX @ Lakewood Theater
11/20 Austin TX @ Momo's
11/23 Phoenix AZ @ The Rhythm Room


Tuesday, August 3, 2010



******************UPDATE MARCH 2011****************

Sarah McLachlan has told a Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail that she has no plans to revive the Lilith Fair after last year's tour faced poor tickets sales. Read the article right HERE!

As the sun set on the final Lilith show today in our nation's capital, Lilith organizers confirmed on their website today that Lilith will return in 2011 and are already planning next years event and lineup by asking people to fill out surveys on the site. Until then, let's take a look back at this years show in Irvine, Ca. at the Verizon Amphitheater with a slide show of photos. Yours truly did enjoy this years lineup that included Marina and the Diamonds, The Weepies, Jes Hudak, Brandi Carlile, Miranda Lambert, Emmylou Harris, Marie Digby and, of course, Sarah McLachlan herself. Check out our review of the Irvine show HERE.

photos by picksysticks

Sunday, August 1, 2010

MOONPOOLS AND CATERPILLARS planning a reunion show?

Rumblings around the internet has fans of Moonpools and Caterpillars excited about a possible reunion show in the Los Angeles area. It started back in 2008 when fans received a friend request from Myspace from a page claiming to be the Official Myspace site of Moonpools and Caterpillars. Sure enough, it was them...back from the dead and posting, "Traffic" and "Hitcher," new unreleased songs never heard before! Later that year, a Facebook page launched with rarely seen concert footage of the band. Could this be clues to a possible reunion? New album? It's been nearly 15 years since the band called it quits but it looked as though the site was merely there to resell cd's and a concert dvd. But any news was good news and with it, brought back good memories of what their songs had meant to many of us, including me...

Moonpools & Caterpillars perform their final show at The Whisky A Go Go.

I had just come back from New York and was tired of what I was hearing on the radio. One day, while scanning the used cd isle at a local Warehouse store, I came upon a bright green album with a cartoonish character on the cover. "Lucky Dumpling" by a band calling themselves Moonpools and Caterpillars. On the back was a photo of the band – three boys, on gal. They looked like the kids you see riding their bikes around the neighborhood. You have to understand, at time, music on the radio was either hip/hop, R&B or the typical 'I'm so sad, my life sucks,' types of music. So coming across this happy and bright album was different from everything I've been hearing on the radio lately.

It was 1995. A year earlier, Cobain had just killed himself in the top room of his Seattle home. Grunge was essentially dead and the Billboard charts were ruled by Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Seal and TLC. Lost in all of this was Moonpools and Caterpillars, a local L.A. band who were known for playing great live shows. Their debut album "Lucky Dumplings," released in May of that year was starting to get airplay on college radio. "Hear," their hit single was featured in a national commercial for Volkswagen and they embarked on their first national tour. They even appeared on Katherine Heigl's feature film debut in Disney's, "Wish Upon A Star."

Moonpools and Caterpillars in Disney's Wish Upon A Star performing "Hear" and "Heaven."

Comprised of Kimi Ward Encarnacion, Jay Jay Encarnacion, Gugut Salgado and Tim de Pala, Moonpools and Caterpillars' rise to fame was accidental. It's said that during one of their shows, an A&R representative from a record label went to one of their shows looking to sign a different band that was also performing that night. Well, the A&R guy got there early and caught Moonpools' set and loved them so much he signed them on the spot.

Moonpools & Caterpillars perform their final show at The Whisky A Go Go.

I decided to give it a shot to see what did these kids had to sing about? Was it teen angst? Were they railing against 'the man'? I was wrong on both counts. That night, my room was filled with the sugary sounds of Moonpools and Caterpillars. The poetic and fun lyrical vocals of Kimi danced over the optimistic and playful guitars and beats. Their sound was distinct just as Kimi's yodeling-style screamed anthem-like lyrics from the rooftops. Their songs were a celebration of youth but more importantly, about life. They weren't trying to change music, they were merely trying to have fun at something they loved to do.

That's all I needed. I was hooked. As I scoured the internet in search of more, I found out that Moonpools and Caterpillars were dropped by their label a year later and ended up self-releasing their equally magnificent sophomore album "12 Songs." On top of that, they also had released a hard to find live album known only as "The Pink Album." Considering this was during the internet's infancy and pre-Napster days, I scoured the internet, record stores and message boards in search of this elusive "12 Songs" and "Pink Album," and finally found an equally fervent fan who shared my excitement for this band and mailed me copies of the albums.

Through the years, Moonpools and Caterpillars have grown a cult-like following by word of mouth, friends making copies for friends, listening to their songs on long car rides and singing along to their universal lyrics of life, proving that their albums hasn't aged through the years and their songs could easily play on radio today. Today, fifteen years later, I still listen to these albums and with the help of the internet, fans –new and old – can rediscover this band that continues to entertain. For me, this was basically the start of Picksysticks and my love for women-fronted bands began.

Now, with the rumors of a reunion show fueled by Moonpools and Caterpillars' own Facebook page revealing full-band practice sessions and the teasing a show at the intimate Hotel Cafe, fans are foaming at the mouth for a chance to see Moonpools and Caterpillars one last time. Let's hope, at least for me who has never seen this band live, that this happens.