Saturday, July 17, 2010

MARINA & THE DIAMONDS @ Lilith (Irvine, Ca.)

Marina Diamandis of Marina and the Diamonds perform during Lilith in Irvine, Ca.
photo by picksysticks

Hailing from London, Marina and the Diamonds' plan to take over the world began earlier this month in Los Angeles at The Troubadour, which quickly sold out. Then after a stop at San Francisco ’s Popscene, a radio debut appearances at KCRW and a U.S. television debut at “Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson,” Marina continued her U.S. trip at last weekend’s Lilith Fair. Her critically acclaimed album "The Family Jewels" exploded onto Billboard's 'Top new Artist Albums' chart at #2 and has already been certified gold in the United Kingdom.

Fronted by Marina Diamandis, Marina and the Diamonds' growing U.S. fan-base was apparent as they crowded the stage at this year's Lilith Fair in Irvine, California. The rest of those in attendance stood back with curiosity not knowing what to expect from the gal from across the pond. What they got was Marina ’s crisp-operatic vocals rising above her pop rock melodies – like one of those children's jewelry boxes, when opened a ballerina would rise as a high pitched musical melodies were produced by a pinned cylinder being plucked by a steel comb. In this case, it was Marina emerging instead of a ballerina. And on a day when nearly all the acts on stage were conservative and tame, Marina definitely stood out from the crowd, her stage presence mirroring performance art with her insightful and striking observational lyrics as her backdrop like her song, "Hollywood ," Marina 's take her love of pop culture and the obsession of celebrity. During, the crowd (surely filled with people from L.A. ) watched as she sang wearing dollar sign sunglasses, "Hollywood infected your in a movie scene/puking American dreams/I'm obsessed with the mess that's America ."

In the end, based on the line of fans waiting for autographs and pictures afterwards, her introduction to the Lilith crowd was positive. Marina and the Diamonds will return in the fall to launch her first headlining U.S. Tour. She ends the tour in L.A. on September 17th at the El Rey.

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Marina and the Diamonds perform "Oh No" at Lilith in Irvine, California. Video by MusicHead35.

Marina and the Diamonds on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic.