Monday, July 5, 2010

EYES SET TO KILL @ Vans Warped Tour (Los Angeles)

Alexia & Anissa Rodriguez of Eyes Set to Kill performs at the Home Depot Center
Eyes Set to Kill performs during the Vans Warped Tour at the Home Depot Center.
photo by picksysticks

by JPegg
picksysticks contributer

Eyes Set to Kill (Phoenix) unloads their angelic burning with havoc sound this year on the Ernie Ball big rig mobile stage truck for Vans Warped Tour 2010. They are in push of their new album “Broken Flames” on BreakSilence Records. Big names in the music print throwing support their way are AlAlexia Rodriguez of Eyes Set to Kill performs at the Home Depot CenterterAnissa Rodriguez of Eyes Set to Kill performs at the Home Depot Centernative Press setting them on the list of “100 Bands You Need To Know” and sisters Alexia (vocals/guitar) and Anissa Rodriguez (bass) front issue #54 of Outburn magazine, while Revolver Magazine does it different by labeling the ladies “Hottest Chicks in Metal.”

Their live performance is something to witness to feel the pure passionate raw energy of the music, and to get knocked around a bit in the circle pit. Like the mythic phoenix itself and the city they are from, this band burns with fury and yet has a smooth vocal beauty from Alexia that gives them a remarkable taste like sipping a cold Mexican beer in a squelching heat wave in the Valley of the Sun.

The Rodriguez sisters give this band the charming black cat appeal, but don’t dare forget about Cisko Miranda. It’s his screaming rage that turns the crowd into crazies. His vocals seem indigenous of Dante’s nine circles of hell possessed into one soul. Blistering hell fire of pain. The crowd absorbs it like 2,500 volts of electricity that sparks the mind flaming and limbs convulsing. Those with eyes gazing on the sisters will be surprised when they quickly find themselves getting tossed around in a whirlwind pit of PMS and testosterone.

Grab their new album, catch their live performance, and tear down their dual sided promotional poster for keepsakes at a local Warped Tour Twenty Ten near you.