Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WALKING SLEEP @ Bootleg Theater

Walking Sleep's Sara Radle
Sara Radle of Walking Sleep performs at their CD release party at Bootleg Theater
photograph by picksysticks

Vocals/Guitar: Hunter Curra
Vocals/Guitar/Autoharp: Sara Radle
Guitar: Adam Schary
Bass: Aaron Lariviere
Keyboards: Ethan Walter
Drums: Daniel Goldblatt

Being such a huge fan of Sara Radle, we had to check out Walking Sleep, her newest collaboration at The Bootleg Theater for their debut CD release of "Measures." Already with 11 albums to her name, Sara Radle is one of the most hardest working, if not prolific, musicians in Los Angeles. Probably mostly known from her days on The Rentals, Sara had recently been fronting Calamity Magnet. Now she finds herself with Walking Sleep (formerly The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra) sharing vocal-harmonizing duties with Hunter Curra.

"Measures" is a controlled and confident first album from Walking Sleep. Like watching a jar full of fireflies, their glowing melodies dance with a purpose as their vocal harmonies spark and simmer warmly in the summer evening. And lurking below the catchy beats there's a slight darkness to Curra's lyrics that, if it wasn't wrapped with the pink ribbon of Radle's vocals, you probably wouldn't even notice.

Walking Sleep's Hunter Curra.
photo by picksysticks

Honestly, I fully expected them to let loose and go crazy a little but in songs like "Let It Go On' and 'Don't Be Fooled,' they purposely keep it simmering and self-contained before boiling over while still keeping it fun in "The Cause," and "Final Chapter."

While the music scene today seems concentrated on the Biebers, Keshas and Gagas of world, Walking Sleep is a breath of fresh air and worth a listen when they come to a town near you. Until then, you can check out their album "Measures" which is available now through iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody. Right now though, you can listen to entire album for free through their site on

The Walking Sleep performing at The Echo.