Tuesday, June 29, 2010

VANS WARPED TOUR does 16 Years!

Fans seeked higher ground to watch All American Rejects.
photos by picksysticks
By JPegg

Vans Warped Tour 2010, sixteen years in the making, kicked off on Friday, June 25, 2010 in the parking lot of The Home Depot Center in Carson , California . Nobody was allowed near the stadium grass where the Los Angeles Galaxy and Chivas USA soccer teams compete. Instead, dirt, pavement, fences, and concrete barricades is exactly where the fun loving ruffians were corralled and left to search for their favorite bands performing on a massive total of eight stages skirting the venue.

Stages came alive a bit before noon and died back into silence shortly after sunset. Performances on average were thirty minutes. Near ninety bands of punk, ska, rock, and everything between cramped into one day. Some stages played in tandem. AP/Advent stage butted next to the Glamour Kills stage, as was Punk Rock Legends stage slapped near Skullcandy stage. When one performance ended, the audience just shifted their attention or crowd surfed to the adjacent stage, and moments later the next band started. This juggling went slick.

Other interesting stages include: Kia/Kevin Says stage slapped in the middle, swarmed by band merchandise and save humanity based tents. The personal favorite is that awesome bootleg Ernie Ball stage playing out of a fold out simi-truck trailer (they’ll definitely be the first stage to the next venue). Altec Lansing stage was the underdogs of the two big dog stages. While Teggart stage was the place to be if you wanted to listen to headliners all day long, but be aware, your favorite band might be on earlier than you think. But what was the first day of Vans Warped Tour 2010 all about? What can be expected as it tours around this beloved county?
Let’s just say it’s a warped day of calling in sick, ditching class, rolling out of bed before noon for something that actually isn’t mind numbing, slugging down a tall Monster Energy drink for afternoon breakfast, why not while rounding up the usual suspects, the over achieving slackers, then cruise tail pipe sparking to the venue hoping that the cops don’t notice that the five seater Kia doesn’t hold six passengers too comfortably, getting stuck in parking traffic, but having enough time to get the chip-in bucket out to pay for parking that’s almost the cost of the ticket price, get parked, chill a bit with a few plastic cup drinks, pass around the smoke, hoping enforcement doesn’t break-up the pre-party, getting to the venue, realizing nobody remembered where the car was parked, but screw it, that’s something to figure out later, now into the show that has as many eye grabbers in the crowd as those on stage, a festival of the young adult assortment of fascinating women in short shorts, ripped stockings, over sized sunglasses, ornate tattoos, non conventional hair colors, and each seeming to become their own unique anti-establishment symbol, while stylish guys match something from The Ramones generation or just look like a lead singer without his guitar, black skinny jeans, both genders with piercings looping every visible orifice, giggly teens spraying suntan lotion that mists over more people than are expecting it, watching not to trip over circles of gathering squatters that Twitter the gossip, noticing an absence of drunks and spilled beer, instead bikini tops selling water and lemonade, dang, sweat, skin, and more sweat, mosh pits and circles pits to let out aggression, weaving through hoards of fans getting crazy at a corner stage, socialized chaos and a crowd surfer falling from the sky, hands flailing wild, band merchandise tents posting set-times with helpers as hot as the band itself, autograph sessions and photo opportunities, protect your body and save earth tents, Andrew W.K. Party House, stepping into camera shots and breaking into conversations, a glimpse of a local celebrity in the crowd, herding fans rushing to the next stage across the scene, the caged Budweiser Beer Garden of lack luster alcohol, skin, sweat, and more skank, trendy sponsors, The Expendables WTF, free giveaways, free posters to rip from the porta potties, wandering tip jars to help pay for gas to the next location, skate half-pipe, 2010 Compilation Album, dropping twenty on a new twenty-ten tee, going to Ernie Ball Music Man guitar demo hut to strum a few solos, to biting off an assortment of food that isn’t good for the digestion, but yet filling, and that’s all and more before getting the day filled with non-stop, ear buzzing, festival deafening, rampaging, kick-shit-up music! And of course, the thought of jumping a ride to do it all again on the tour’s next stop on the very next day, while throwing a raised “rock on” sign to an ambulance racing off with an unfortunate crooked neck crowd surfer. And what will you be doing?