Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Laurita Guaico of Spare Parts for Broken HeartsSarah Green of Spare Parts for Broken Hearts

Laurita Guaico (left) and Sarah Green (right) of Spare Parts for Broken Hearts
photographs by picksysticks

By JPegg
Picksysticks contributer

Spare Parts for Broken Hearts is a new ladies threesome wrecking sound crew made-up of Sarah Green and two prime component of The Randies. They are not as nitroglycerin punk rock as The Randies, yet the explosive shredding essence with the presence of Laurita Guaico (vox/bass/guitar) and Tosha Jones (drums) can definitely be felt. The murmuring burning fuse vocals of Laurita Guaico are a perfect lead igniter for the metal, brass knuckles, nail in bat songs, while Sarah Green can easily be given the duty to break hearts with a few simmering ballads. Green gives this band the stable element, while whatever bass or guitar chords Guaico plays is crazed kick ass!

The band still appears to be in the early stages of development with a few songs posted and hopefully more shows in the near future. It will be interesting to keep a close ear on their music as to hear the mixture of the two vocal talents evolve. A volatile femme fatale sound is surely gleaning in the making with these Spare Parts for Broken Hearts.

On Thursday, June 10, 2010 , Spare Parts for Broken Hearts performed their first show at DiPiazza’s in Long Beach . It was a mellow mood of appetizers and alcohol until the lone Sarah Green started strumming guitar that was soon joined by Guaico and Jones pouncing on stage into position. Then the raving flocked.

“Veronica Stress” was their set finale.

Spare Parts for Broken Hearts performs "Veronica Stress" at Di Piazzas in Long Beach.

vid by 405east