Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Apparently, Fuji Minx's new video "The Music Made Me Do It" was banned and taken down from YouTube due to it's anti-Pope message. Read Fuji Minx's response to the video taken down and then watch the banned video below (now on Vimeo).

YES… After 11,943 views (103 likes, 1 dislike) in LESS THAN 6 DAYS, “The Music Made Me Do It” video was taken down because of it’s Anti-Pope message and it’s content deemed “inappropriate”. Apparently free-speech is inappropriate if you aren’t coming from a major record label who can pay youtube money, like Marilyn Manson or Lady Gaga. And it doesn’t matter that you are talking about someone who is condoning child molestation. AND it doesnt matter that we only got 1 dislike. Well fret not. We are uploading the UnCensored video to vimeo and it will be up shortly. Please help pass the new video around as soon as it’s up.
xxx, Gv

FUJI MINX - The Music Made Me Do it (Official Un-Censored Version) from FUJI MINX on Vimeo.