Saturday, May 1, 2010

THE WATSON TWINS @ LA Times Festival of Books

The Watson Twins Chandra and Leigh
The Watson Twins perform the LA Times Festival of Books.
photo by picksysticks

The Watson TwinsThe Watson Twins
photographs by picksysticks / The Watson Twins

The Brand X sponsored Watson Twins performance was a refreshing start to my weekend at this years' Los Angeles Times' Festival of Books. Made up of real-life twins Chandra and Leigh Watson, this duo are known for their blend of classic rock and folk/rock.

Like a cool breeze through your bedroom window on a warm night, The Watson Twins' newest album, "Talking To You, Talking To Me," is a soft glow of intimate vocals and sensual melodies. Songs like "Harpeth River," "Forever Me" and "Calling Out," are wrought with sexual tension. And while this album has upbeat catchy songs, demonstrated in "Saving You" and "Tell Me Why" the rest of the album seems bare and naked that's dressed up with the cashmere sounds of the rhythm section and the flannel beats of their soulful pianos and drums. Just listen to "Midnight," "Snow Canyons" and "Give Me A Chance," and you'll understand.

The more I listen, the more I love this album. From vulnerable ballads to upbeat rock like, "U N ME," this album surprises by being not too loud and not too soft. Don't get me wrong, it still rocks and The Watson Twins gives us a variety of moods while keeping their folk/rock feel that they're known for. The Watson Twins' talent is being able to show that less is more and their new album, "Talking To You, Talking To Me," proves just that.