Saturday, May 29, 2010

BLUE JUNGLE @ Silverlake Jubilee

By JPegg
Picksysticks contributer

Blue Jungle has that certain quality to bring you down off the Hollywood fantasy of getting to Cloud Nine. For most of us reach only Cloud Nil. A sad starvation in the lead vocals of Lately Blu Blu turns that pink cloud to gray with tears about to storm. She sounds of a morbid message from the damned getting lost in Los Angeles , echoing out her charred soul in an attempt to be found in this forsaken city, or possibly warning others not to fall for the seductive Sirens that commercialism gives to this place. A thought to be discovered in an awkward position in a way that living bodies aren’t normally found, soon to be a chalk outline in an alley adjacent to that ten story drop from above or that leap from the Hollywood sign. Please Fucking Kill Me. The lost angel that broke her wings along with her dream after arriving here years ago. Something like that would be the emotion attached to this music. Or in a lighter note, some good ghostly stuff to play at one of those Hollywood Forever Cemetery shows in the dark of night among the famous dead, for this band defines themselves as “graveyard pop”.

This band, or some may call it a cult, normally haunt their sound in dim lit dive bars and darkened corners of shadows turned into stages, but last Saturday, they made a unique visit out into the bright afternoon to play at the Silverlake Jubilee. A lithium moment in the sun.

Blue Jungle performs "Vicious Eyes" at Silver Lake Jubilee
vid by 405east

Blue Jungle is led by Lately Blu Blu (vocals) with current support from Nosebleed (guitar), Cory Hurricane (guitar), Paley King (percussion/vocals), William (drums) and Noa (bass).
Free Music Downloads of Blue Jungle and Lately Blu Blu available at AKA