Sunday, April 4, 2010

KILLOLA'S new CD "Let's Get Associated" out April 6th

If you haven't yet pre-ordered KILLOLA'S new album, "Let's Get Associated," then what are you waiting for? This massive pre-order pack comes with a KILLOLA USB dogtag equipped with 250 MB of Killola stuff which includes their new album, "Let's Get Associated," and their past two cds, "I Am The Messer," and "Louder, Louder!" and a bunch of other cool bonus features. Pre-order right HERE!

While they're touring the country, we're also getting sneak peeks at few new songs from their upcoming album. One is called "The Doctor and his Son," and the other called, "Traffic" is from Lisa's new film "GirlTrash: All Night Long" created by Angela Robinson (The L Word) which is scheduled to hit theaters next year. Killola also wrote music for the film. Can't wait for that!



KILLOLA are currently on their BUY THE MILK tour. You can catch them when they make their way back to So-Cal April 22nd at San Diego's Bar Pink and L.A.'s world famous Roxy on April 23rd. Until then here's KILLOLA performing an acoustic version of 'Who We Think We Are' on Good Day Dallas a couple weeks ago. Fans are already posting pics, youtube's and reviews of their show. Check out some of the reviews and pics HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE! Enjoy!