Friday, January 29, 2010


Audra Mae
Audra Mae performs at The Hotel Cafe
photo by picksysticks

I'm sure all of you have heard the great story of Susan Boyle and how she almost had the top-selling album of 2009 with her debut album, "I Dreamed A Dream," only to be beaten by Taylor Swift's "Fearless" album. Boyle's album sold over 3 million albums and is currently #2 on the Billboard 200 charts. But did you know that L.A.'s own Audra Mae co-wrote "Who I Was Born To Be," the only original song on Susan Boyle's album? Well, she did and I'd like to think that the only original song in an album full of covers had something to do all those sales! You can read the whole story at HERE but here's a short excerpt of the article:

"[Audra Mae] hooked up with the little-known Swedish production/songwriter trio Play Production about a year ago, and this summer they sent her the chords and melody for a song they said was intended for Boyle's album. I knew it needed to be a song that made sense for her to sing, so I went online and researched her and her life and found out how she got to be where she is, and it came from that," Mae said of the gentle piano ballad with the inspirational chorus "And though I may not know the answers/ I can finally say I'm free/ And if the questions lead me here/ Then I am who I was born to be."

"I knew it needed to be something that she could be proud to sing," Mae explained. "Almost like a mantra — and I'm thrilled that she liked it enough to put it on the album. The cool thing is that she symbolizes real talent above anything else, above a show with pyrotechnics, a hot body ... she's f---ing talented and it's really awesome to be a part of that."

Read the entire story HERE. Recently signing with SideOneDummy records, Audra's debut album is set to drop this March! Check out photos and read our past write-ups of Ms. Audra Mae HERE. And here is Susan Boyle singing "Who I Was Born To Be" on Oprah!