Sunday, August 30, 2009

MISS DERRINGER @ Sunset Junction 2009

photograph by picksysticks / Liz McGrath and Morgan Slade of Miss Derringer performs Sunset Junction 2009.

I'll have to admit, Miss Derringer was the main reason I wanted to go to Sunset Junction this year. So much so that I braved the heat that usually accompanies this end-of-summer block party. But as usual, the heat didn't scare away those in attendance. In fact, the crowd seem to grow as the day progressed. Those who came early was treated to Miss Derringer's motown-rockabilly-pop sounds - a great start to a promising day that later saw the likes of Nico Vega, The Submarines and Dengue Fever.

photograph by picksysticks / Liz McGrath of Miss Derringer heats up Sunset Junction 2009.

Miss Derringer performs "Drop Shot Dead" at Sunset Junction.
vid courtesy 405east

In other news, look for Miss Derringer to go back out on tour soon. Until then, you can catch them this Saturday at Santa Barbara's Velvet Jones. And how cool is this? Miss Derringer's new album, Winter Hill, recently received a glowing review from Read the full review right HERE. Here's an excerpt:

"The L.A. band plays its parts to the hilt: A sculptor dealing in darkly whimsical phantasmagoria, singer Liz McGrath appears in a sequined baton-twirler leotard with a goth marching-band helmet and prison tattoo for the band's third and best album, Winter Hill... To their considerable credit, Miss Derringer sound exactly like they look and don't need the look to sound good. Just as they mix and match fashions, they blend country, punk, rockabilly, showtunes, cabaret, and New Wave into a surprisingly sturdy and seamless sound."

Miss Derringer/photo by picksysticks