Saturday, May 30, 2009


Taryn Manning of Boomkat / photo by picksysticks

Imagine my surprise when I went to The Mint to catch Boomkat, only to find out that The Mulhollands was also on the bill. Oh yeah!! Apparently a last minute addition, The Mulhollands fronted by Sarah Jeanette took the stage with a new look and new songs.

They always put on a great show. You can check out our past review of The Mulhollands riiiiiight HERE!

the Mulhollands
photo by picksysticks
Sarah Jeanette of the Mulhollands
Sarah Jeanette of The Mulhollands
photograph by picksysticks

But of course, the highlight of the night was Boomkat. Led by Taryn Manning and her brother Kellin Manning, Boomkat makes it look easy with their latest album, A Million Trillion Stars, with their urban/hip-pop sounds of soothing ballads and straight-up electric pop songs that will sure to make you dance.

Originally signed by Dreamworks records until it shut down 2005, their songs have been featured in films like 8 Mile, Mean Girls, Crossroads and The Italian Job. Now, straying away from the major record label, Boomkat has decided to release their new album, A Million Trillion Stars, independently and, in a sense, controlling their music and how it reaches their loyal following.

Taryn Manning of Boomkat
photo by picksysticks

Inspired by hip-hop, 80’s and Brit Pop, Boomkat is the real deal, their sound constructed with catchy and stimulating tunes. Whether it be the hypnotic sounds of "Lonely Child" and "Runaway" or the head-numbing beats of "Run Boy," Boomkat creates trance-inducing, simmering beats and melodies. Add to that Taryn’s windswept vocals in songs "Elated" and "Not My Fault" to mesmerize you into submission.

Although Taryn is well known from her 'other job,' she stresses that she doesn't want to be categorized as an actor/singer. But judging by Boomkat's latest record and live performance her presence and talent shines onstage and if this 'acting' thing doesn't work out, she sure seems content to continue living life moving forward with her true passion - music.

Here's Boomkat's video for "Run Boy."

And here's their performance of "Run Away" recently on Live Direct TV.
Boomkat on Live Direct TV