Friday, March 6, 2009

NICO VEGA @ The Roxy

Nico Vega's new self-titled album. Click image above to buy their album.

Last Tuesday, I was able to catch the NICO VEGA show at The Roxy for their new self-titled CD release show and personally, I've never seen The Roxy THAT packed! Here's a video below(courtesy of 405east) of Nico Vega at the Roxy playing my favorite song, "GRAVITY"!!

This trio, consisting of Aja Volkman (vocals), Rich Koehler (guitar) and Dan Epand (drums), didn't disapoint, giving the crowd a pure, adrenalin-packed, volume to eleven-filled rock show. Aja's weathered voice seems fragile when she acknowlegdes the capacity crowd but once she gets started, her voice packs a wallop as her and the rest of the band rev up full speed and never slow down. Reviews are in for this album. Here's an excerpt from
If you’re looking for a healthy dose of good ole rock n’ roll, the album, Nico Vega, is one of the best servings I’ve heard in a very long time. Incorporating elements of soul, folk and electronic sounds, the album is sure to satiate your hunger for fresh rock music.
Check out the rest of the review right HERE.

In other Nico Vega news: So here I am getting ready to watch American Idol Thursday night, and all of a sudden this FOX commercial comes on promoting their shows. What caught my attention was the song playing over the clips of The Simpsons, 24, House, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and Hell's Kitchen. It was none other than L.A.'s own Nico Vega and (of course) my favorite song "Gravity." Woo-hoo! Check it out below!


MARCH 14TH - The Roxy with the Von Bondies

Here's another Nico Vega video of them performing "Burn Burn" off their new self-titled CD. Enjoy!