Friday, March 27, 2009


Evil Beaver performs at The Roxy.

Hey ya'll. 405 East has a wicked cool review of Evil Beaver. Here's an excerpt:

Evil Evie with smoked rough vocals and clenching electric bass guitar fronts a drummer, and that’s it, that’s the bass and bash band that is Evil Beaver. Make it ten years of spitting pissed-off juicy licks of metal, which include six albums and a recorded live performance in Switzerland, and in addition to this list of recordings is the newly compiled round-up of “Beaver fan favz from the 2000 thru 2007” entitled: “7 Yearz of Rock.” And there’s still more blowing out speakers on cakes to come as EB is set to release a new album in 2009.

And if you feel that you’re behind on their spirit of ill-tempered enlightenment, you can currently download all their music for Free! Check out their site at Download and crank deaf the tunes into your ear canals and while you’re at it, get out to their live show!

Evil Evie of Evil Beaver
As for me, there’s a soundtrack of my Evil Beaver favorites that unravels like a scattered thread of lingering thoughts. It started out as a chronological “greatest hits” of Evil Beaver, but then when placed in dramatic order, the music told instead a rather interesting yet abstract story. A sort of rock opera of mixed media imagery. Of course I took artistic liberties on my behalf in the interpretation of their music. My flow of consciousness floating within the frameworks of Evil Beaver yielded a strange output in which the final piece is a trip through the mad funhouse of reality. The sanity ends here.
(Check out more of the review at 405East)