Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Breakup @ The Key Club

The Breakup performs "Wake Up" at the Key Club
video courtesy of 405east


Melissa Koziel - sticks
Francis Rabe - bass
George Pepe - keys
Matt Field - guitar
Kristina Oquist- vocals

S.O.S. The Breakup

There must be something in the water that breeds just fun and exciting bands in Orange County. Whether it be the year-round sunny weather or the picture-esque ocean views, The OC just has a way of influencing bands with energetic and catchy music to party to.

Hailing from The OC, The Breakup's newest album, "Don't Keep Us A Secret," is ripe with vintage 80's inspired pop/rock that will surely make you get up to dance and sing.

The Breakup/photo by picksysticks

Playing last Thursday at The Key Club, The Breakup outshined this night's crowded line-up with a tight set-list that showcased Kristina's commanding vocals, Melissa's authoritative drumbeats and guitar-driven songs from Matt. Add to that the cool, smooth bass of Francis and George's keyboards leading the charge and you have a solid power-pop performance filled with infectious melodies and scream-out-loud, anthem-like choruses. Such is the case in "All The Way," "Now or Never," and "S.O.S.," well-crafted songs that surely will keep you humming the tune days later. The surprising treat is George's keys that add a touch of nostalgic 80s-pop sounds in songs like "Wake Up," and "All The Way." All in all, "Don't Keep Us A Secret" is filled with high-octane songs that simmer to a boiling, fast tempo until its feverish, volcanic explosions of pure energy.

photo by picksysticks/The Breakup

This talented quintet knows how to rock and they make it seem effortless. With only five tracks on the album, it's sure to wet your appetite for more songs. To date, The Breakup performed on the Vans Warped Tour, has received airplay on The World Famous Los Angeles' KROQ and their songs have also been featuared on MTV. "Don't Keep Us A Secret" is a fitting title to their latest EP considering that once you've listened to this album, it will be hard for anyone to keep The Breakup a secret much longer.

March 6 - Hot Topic, Glendale (In-store Acoustic Performance)
March 27 - No Future Cafe, Pasadena (All Ages)

The Breakup performs "Don't Fade Away"
vid shot by 405east