Friday, October 24, 2008

The Divine Ms. Audra Mae!!

I haven't been going to a lot of shows lately. My new work schedule doesn't really care about my sleep or lack there of. But looks like there's a show worth staying awake for next Wednesday when Audra Mae plays the very cool and legendary Derby in Hollywood. Oh yeah! Can't wait. Maybe I'll take a nap before. Yeah, I know...I'm getting old....

Belonging to a fine lineage of great performers, Mae reportedly is the great-grandniece of Judy Garland, first cousin (twice removed) of Liza Minnelli and the great-granddaughter of Garland's big band leader, Bobby Sherwood. In a subtle tribute to her great aunt, Mae’s hypnotic voice in “Ruby Shoes” just captivates. Mae’s strengths rely on weaving inspiring melodies that express a tragic melancholy, proving that simplicity, to the point of near silence, can hold the purest of emotions. Thanks to karebear121 for catching this show! And check out more Audra Mae songs on her page right HERE.

Audra Mae sings "Ruby Shoes."