Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Monsters Are Waiting at The Getty Museum

Last Friday, I was able to catch Monsters Are Waiting at The Getty Museum's "Fridays Off The 405" series. It's a free outdoor event at an awesome location above Los Angeles so I was looking forward to seeing them play after what seemed like a very long hiatus. But boy! Word of advice - take a cab, bus or park a couple miles away and walk or ride a bike to the Getty. After being stuck in traffic for over an hour just to get into the parking structure, I managed to catch the last half of MAW's set.

Showing up in full preggo-mode, Annalee and the rest of the crew basically rawked out for a little over an hour in support of their new 6-track EP, "Ones and Zeros" from Kanine Records. Monsters Are Waiting are no strangers to the L.A. music scene. Their shows are always packed and their live shows is something you definitely have to experience. "Ones and Zeros," MAW's first EP started where their debut album, "Fascination," left off. Each song solidifying Monsters Are Waiting as the one of the best indie bands in L.A. Their lush arrangements in songs like "Crazy Love" and "Ones and Zeros" give the feeling of weightlessness in a dancehall filled with bubble-machine makers as colorful club lights wrap themselves around floating bubbles. This EP is filled with fun songs that fans of Monsters Are Waiting have come to expect. Also included in this EP is the fan favorite Stone Roses cover, "I Wanna Be Adored" which sadly I missed due to traffic.

You can get their cd on their website HERE or HERE. And check out better pictures from that night at Ross Reyes Photography HERE!!! And below is a vid for "Ones and Zeros."